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Español > 8 sentidos de la palabra papel:
NOMBREsubstancepapela material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses
attributepapel, función, propósito, usowhat something is used for
cognitionpapel, figura, parte, personajean actor's portrayal of someone in a play
actpapel, cargo, función, ministerio, oficio, parte, rolthe actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group
communicationpapel, cuartilla, folio, hoja de papel, hoja, pliegopaper used for writing or printing
actpapel, rol, rol socialnormal or customary activity of a person in a particular social setting
communicationpapel, líneawords making up the dialogue of a play
communicationpapela medium for written communication
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 1, substance
SentidoA material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses.
EspecíficoblocA number of sheets of paper fastened together along one edge
carta, naipe, tarjetaOne of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games / games or for telling fortunes
cartón, cartón ondulado, cartulinaA stiff moderately thick paper
cartón piedra, papel machéA substance made from paper pulp that can be molded when wet and painted when dry
chaya, confeti, papelillo, papel picadosmall pieces or streamers of colored paper that are thrown around on festive occasions (as at a wedding)
cinta de cotizacionesA continuous thin ribbon of paper on which stock quotes are written
cinta de papelA long narrow strip of paper
crespón, papel creppaper with a crinkled texture
cuartilla, folio, hoja de papel, hoja, papel, pliegoPaper used for writing or printing
decomural, empapelado, papel de paredes, papel pintado, papel tapizA decorative paper for the walls of rooms
manilla, papel manilaA strong paper or thin cardboard with a smooth light brown finish made from e.g. Manila hemp
papel carbónA thin paper coated on one side with a dark waxy substance (often containing carbon)
papel cuchéA high-quality paper (usually having a filler of china clay)
papel de arrozA thin delicate material resembling paper
papel de calcoA semitransparent paper that is used for tracing drawings
papel de dibujopaper that is specially prepared for use in drafting
papel de envolverA tough paper used for wrapping
papel de escribirpaper material made into thin sheets that are sized to take ink
papel de filtroA porous unsized paper used for filtering
papel de hiloA high-quality paper made of linen fibers or with a linen finish
papel de periódicocheap paper made from wood pulp and used for printing newspapers
papel de seda, papel tisú, tejidoA soft thin (usually translucent) paper
papel de tornasol, tornasolunsized paper treated with litmus for use as an acid-base indicator
papel enceradopaper that has been waterproofed by treatment with wax or paraffin
papel gráfico, papel milimetradopaper that has lines to permit drawing graphs
papel matamoscaspaper that is poisoned or coated with a sticky substance to kill flies
papel pautadopaper with lines appropriate for writing music
papel secante, secanteabsorbent paper used to dry ink
papiropaper made from the papyrus plant by cutting it in strips and pressing it flat
pergaminoA superior paper resembling sheepskin
Generalcosa, cosas, material, materiaThe tangible / tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
SubstanciascelulosaA polysaccharide that is the chief constituent of all plant ... / plant tissues and fibers
VerbosempapelarCover with wallpaper
empapelarCover with paper
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 2, attribute
SentidoWhat something is used for.
Sinónimosfunción, propósito, uso
Cualidadesfuncionaldesigned for or capable of a particular function or use
Específicorazón de ser, sentidoThe purpose that justifies a thing's existence
Generalefectividad, provecho, utilidad, útilThe quality of being of practical use
Inglésfunction, purpose, role, use
Catalánfunció, propòsit
Adjetivofuncionalrelating to or based on function especially as opposed to structure
Verbosejercer, servirServe a purpose, role, or function
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 3, cognition
SentidoAn actor's portrayal of someone in a play.
Sinónimosfigura, parte, personaje
Específicobandido, malo, villanoThe principal bad character in a film or work of fiction
embolado, papelitoA small role
heroínaThe main good female character in a work of fiction
héroeThe principal character in a play or movie or novel or poem
papel principalThe role of the character after whom the play is named
Generalactuación, interpretación, representaciónActing the part of a character on stage
Ingléscharacter, role, theatrical role, part, persona
Catalánpaper, part, persona, personatge
Verboscaracterizar, encarnar, personificar, representarrepresent, as of a character on stage
personificar, retratarassume or act the character of
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 4, act
SentidoThe actions and activities assigned to or required or expected of a person or group.
Sinónimoscargo, función, ministerio, oficio, parte, rol
EspecíficocarteraThe role of the head of a government department
lugar, posición, puesto, sitioThe post or function properly or customarily occupied or served by another
Generaldeber, obligaciónWork that you are obliged to perform for moral or legal reasons
Inglésfunction, office, part, role
Catalánfunció, paper, part, rol
Verbosfungir, oficiar, servirPerform duties attached to a particular office or place or function
oficiarAct in an official capacity in a ceremony or religious ritual, such as a wedding
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 5, communication
SentidoPaper used for writing or printing.
Sinónimoscuartilla, folio, hoja de papel, hoja, pliego
Específicofolio, hojaA sheet of any written or printed material (especially in a manuscript / manuscript or book)
folio, papel tamaño folioA size of paper used especially in Britain
hoja separable, página recortableA sheet that can be easily torn out of a publication
papelitoA small sheet of paper
GeneralpapelA material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses
Ingléssheet, piece of paper, sheet of paper
Catalánfoli, full, paper, plec, quartilla
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 6, act
Sentidonormal or customary activity of a person in a particular social setting.
Sinónimosrol, rol social
Específicoposición(in team sports) the role assigned to an individual player
GeneralactividadAny specific behavior
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 7, communication
Sentidowords making up the dialogue of a play.
Part deconversación, diálogoThe lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
EspecíficoaparteA line spoken by an actor to the audience but not intended for others on the stage
apunte, pieAn actor's line that immediately precedes and serves as a reminder for some action or speech
monólogoA (usually long) dramatic speech by a single actor
Generalfrase, línea, renglón, versotext consisting of a row of words written across a page or computer screen
Inglésactor's line, speech, words
Catalánlínia, paper
Español > papel: 8 sentidos > nombre 8, communication
SentidoA medium for written communication.
Generalmedio de comunicación, medioA means or instrumentality for storing or communicating information
Substancia depáginaOne side of one leaf (of a book or magazine or newspaper or letter etc.) or the written or pictorial matter it contains

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