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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra encarnar:
VERBOstativeencarnar, personificarrepresent or express something abstract in tangible form
stativeencarnar, materializar, personificar, representarrepresent in bodily form
stativeencarnar, caracterizar, personificar, representarrepresent, as of a character on stage
changeencarnar, teñirmake flesh-colored
Español > encarnar: 4 sentidos > verbo 1, stative
Sentidorepresent or express something abstract in tangible form.
GeneralrepresentarServe as a means of expressing something
Nombresencarnación, expresión, forma, representaciónA concrete representation of an otherwise nebulous concept
Español > encarnar: 4 sentidos > verbo 2, stative
Sentidorepresent in bodily form.
Sinónimosmaterializar, personificar, representar
Generalestar, serHave the quality of being
Inglésincarnate, body forth, embody, substantiate
Nombresavatar, encarnaciónA new personification of a familiar / familiar idea
encarnaciónGiving concrete form to an abstract concept
Español > encarnar: 4 sentidos > verbo 3, stative
Sentidorepresent, as of a character on stage.
Sinónimoscaracterizar, personificar, representar
Específicodar cuerpo, personificarinvest with or as with a body
demostrar, ejemplificar, ilustrar, tipificarBe characteristic of
Generalrepresentar, simbolizarExpress indirectly by an image, form, or model
Inglésembody, be, personify
Cataláncaracteritzar, encarnar, personificar
Nombresfigura, papel, parte, personajeAn actor's portrayal of someone in a play
imagen, personaje(Jungian psychology) a personal facade that one presents to the world
Español > encarnar: 4 sentidos > verbo 4, change
Sentidomake flesh-colored.
Generalcolorar, colorearadd color to

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