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English > 7 senses of the word rate:
NOUNtimeratea magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit
possessionrate, charge per unitamount of a charge or payment relative to some basis
attributerate, pacethe relative speed of progress or change
relationratea quantity or amount or measure considered as a proportion of another quantity or amount or measure
VERBcognitionrate, rank, range, order, grade, placeassign a rank or rating to
stativeratebe worthy of or have a certain rating
cognitionrate, valueestimate the value of
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English > rate: 7 senses > noun 1, time
MeaningA magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit.
  • "they traveled at a rate of 55 miles per hour"
  • "the rate of change was faster than expected"
Narroweracceleration(physics) a rate of increase of velocity
attrition rate, rate of attritionThe rate of shrinkage in size or number
birthrate, birth rate, fertility, fertility rate, natalityThe ratio of live births in an area to the population of that area
bits per second, bps(computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem)
crime rateThe ratio of crimes in an area to the population of that area
data rateThe rate at which circuits or other devices operate when handling digital information
deathrate, death rate, mortality, mortality rate, fatality rateThe ratio of deaths in an area to the population of that area
deceleration(physics) a rate of decrease in velocity
dose rateThe quantity of radiation absorbed per unit time
erythrocyte sedimentation rate, ESR, sedimentation rate, sed rateThe rate at which red blood cells settle out in a tube of blood under standardized conditions
flow, flow rate, rate of flowThe amount of fluid that flows in a given time
fluxThe rate of flow of energy or particles across a given surface
frequency, frequence, oftennessThe number of occurrences within a given time period
gigahertz, GHz, gigacycle per second, gigacycle, Gc1,000,000,000 periods per second
growth rate, rate of growthThe rate of increase / increase / increase in size per unit time
hertz, Hz, cycle per second, cycles/second, cps, cycleThe unit of frequency
inflation rate, rate of inflationThe rate of change of prices / prices (as indicated by a price index) calculated on a monthly or annual basis
jerk(mechanics) the rate of change of acceleration
kilohertz, kHz, kilocycle per second, kilocycle, kcOne thousand periods per second
kilometers per hour, kilometres per hour, kph, km/hThe ratio of the distance traveled (in kilometers) to the time spent traveling (in hours)
knot(of ships and wind) a unit of speed equal to one nautical mile per hour or about 1.15 statute miles per hour
megahertz, MHz, megacycle per second, megacycle, McOne million periods per second
metabolic rateRate of metabolism
miles per hour, mphThe ratio of the distance traveled (in miles) to the time spent traveling (in hours)
pace, gaitThe rate of moving (especially walking or running)
pulse, pulse rate, heart rateThe rate at which the heart beats
rate of returnThe amount returned per unit of time expressed as a percentage of the cost
respiratory rate, rate of respirationThe rate at which a person inhales and exhales
revolutions per minute, rpm, revRate of revolution of a motor
sampling rate(telecommunication) the frequency of sampling per unit time
solar constantThe rate at which radiant solar energy is received at the outer layer of the earth's atmosphere
spacingThe time between occurrences of a repeating event
speed, velocitydistance travelled per unit time
tempo, paceThe rate of some repeating event
terahertz, THzOne trillion periods per second
words per minute, wpmThe rate at which words are produced (as in speaking or typing)
Broadermagnitude relation, quantitative relationA relation between magnitudes
Spanishíndice, ritmo, velocidad
Catalaníndex, ritme, taxa, velocitat
English > rate: 7 senses > noun 2, possession
MeaningAmount of a charge or payment relative to some basis.
Example"a 10-minute phone call at that rate would cost $5"
Synonymcharge per unit
Narrowerexcursion rateA reduced rate for a round-trip ticket
footageA rate of charging by the linear foot of work done
freight, freightage, freight rateThe charge for transporting something by common carrier
interest rate, rate of interestThe percentage of a sum of money charged for its use
linage, lineageA rate of payment for written material that is measured according to the number of lines submitted
pay rate, rate of payamount of money received per unit time
payment rate, rate of payment, repayment rate, installment rateThe amount of money paid out per unit time
rate of depreciation, depreciation rateThe rate at which the value of property is reduced
rate of exchange, exchange rateThe charge for exchanging currency of one country for currency of another
room rateThe rate charged daily for a hotel room
tax rateRate used to calculate tax liability
BroaderchargeThe price charged for some article or service
Spanishtarifa, tipo
English > rate: 7 senses > noun 3, attribute
MeaningThe relative speed of progress or change.
  • "he works at a great rate"
  • "the pace of events accelerated"
NarrowerbeatA regular rate of repetition
celerity, quickness, rapidity, rapidness, speedinessA rate that is rapid
slowness, deliberation, deliberateness, unhurriednessA rate demonstrating an absence of haste or hurry
sluggishnessThe pace of things that move relatively slowly
speed, swiftness, fastnessA rate (usually rapid) at which something happens
Broadertemporal propertyA property relating to time
Spanishmarcha, paso, ritmo, velocidad
Catalanmarxa, pas, ritme
English > rate: 7 senses > noun 4, relation
MeaningA quantity or amount or measure considered as a proportion of another quantity or amount or measure.
  • "the literacy rate"
  • "the retention rate"
  • "the dropout rate"
BroaderproportionThe quotient obtained when the magnitude of a part is divided by the magnitude of the whole / whole
English > rate: 7 senses > verb 1, cognition
MeaningAssign a rank or rating to.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Somebody ----s somebody
ModelSam and Sue rate the movie
Example "The restaurant is rated highly in the food guide"
Synonymsrank, range, order, grade, place
NarrowerdowngradeRate lower
prioritize, prioritiseAssign a priority to
reorderAssign a new order to
seedDistribute (players or teams) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds
sequenceArrange in a sequence
shortlistput someone or something on a short list
subordinaterank or order as less important or consider of less value
superordinateplace in a superior order or rank
upgradeRate higher
Broaderevaluate, pass judgment, judgeform a critical opinion of
Spanishclasificarse, clasificar, graduar, ordenar, tasar, valorar
Catalanclassificar-se, classificar, graduar, ordenar, taxar, valorar
English > rate: 7 senses > verb 2, stative
MeaningBe worthy of or have a certain rating.
PatternSomething ----s Adjective/Noun; Something ----s something
Example"This bond rates highly"
BroaderbeHave the quality of being
Nounsratingstanding or position on a scale
English > rate: 7 senses > verb 3, cognition
MeaningEstimate the value of.
PatternSomebody ----s something
  • "How would you rate his chances to become President?"
  • "Gold was rated highly among the Romans"
NarrowerrevalueValue anew
Broadermeasure, evaluate, valuate, assess, appraise, valueEvaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of
Spanishapreciar, tasar, valorar, valorizar
Catalanapreciar, avaluar, taxar, valorar
Nounsratingact of ascertaining or fixing the value or worth of
ratingan appraisal of the value of something

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