HyperDic: kilocycle_per_second

English > 1 sense of the expression kilocycle per second:
NOUNtimekilocycle per second, kilohertz, kHz, kilocycle, kcone thousand periods per second
English > kilocycle per second: 1 sense > noun 1, time
MeaningOne thousand periods per second.
Synonymskilohertz, kHz, kilocycle, kc
Part ofmegahertz, MHz, megacycle per second, megacycle, McOne million periods per second
Partshertz, Hz, cycle per second, cycles/second, cps, cycleThe unit of frequency
BroaderrateA magnitude or frequency relative to a time unit
Spanishkc, kilociclo, kilohercio, kilohertz
Catalankc, kilociclo

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