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Español > 1 sentido de l'expresión emitir sonidos:
VERBOcommunicationemitir sonidos, emitirexpress audibly
Español > emitir sonidos: 1 sentido > verbo 1, communication
SentidoExpress audibly; utter sounds / sounds (not necessarily words / words).
Específicoalzar, elevar, levantarmake audible
arrullar, zurearcry softly, as of pigeons
asibilarUtter a sibilant
aullar, berrear, chillar, gritar, rugir, vociferarcry loudly, as of animals
balar, gimotearcry plaintively
balbucear, balbucir, farfullarUtter with a spitting sound, as if in a rage / rage
berrear, bramar, rugir, vociferarmake a loud noise, as of animal
berrearemit a cry intended to attract other animals
bufarIndicate contempt / contempt by breathing noisily and forcefully through the nose
cacarearsquawk shrilly and loudly, characteristic of hens
cacarear, cantarExpress pleasure verbally
cacarear, cantarUtter shrill sounds
cantarTo make melodious sounds
cantar, chirriarmake a vibrant noise, of grasshoppers or cicadas
chillar, clamar, gritar, llamar, pregonar, vocear, vociferarUtter a sudden loud cry
chillar, gritar, gruñirUtter a high-pitched cry, characteristic of pigs
chistar, sisearmake a sharp hissing sound, as if to show disapproval
cloquearmake a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens
corearUtter in unison
croar, graznar, refunfuñarUtter a hoarse sound, like a raven
dar bocinazos, graznarcry like a goose
farfullar, hablar incoherentementechatter inarticulately
gargarear, gargarizarUtter with gargling or burbling sounds
gemir, gruñir, protestar, quejarse, quejarIndicate pain, discomfort, or displeasure
gluglutear, gluglúmake a gurgling sound, characteristic of turkeys
gorjear, grillar, piar, trinarmake high-pitched sounds
graznarUtter a cry, characteristic of crows, rooks, or ravens
graznarUtter quacking noises
gritar, ulularTo utter a loud clamorous shout
gruñir, refunfuñar, rezongarTo utter or emit low dull rumbling sounds
gruñirissue a grunting, low, animal-like noise
haceremit or utter
hacer coro, recalcar, reiterar, repercutir, repetir, resonarTo say / say again or imitate
jadear, resollarUtter while panting, as if out of breath
jadearUtter a sound, as with obvious effort
ladrarmake barking sounds
llamarUtter a characteristic note or cry
maullar, mayarcry like a cat
maullar, mayarmake a cat-like sound
mugirmake a low noise, characteristic of bovines
rebuznarbraying characteristic of donkeys
relamersePress (the lips) together and open (the lips) noisily, as in eating
relincharMake a characteristic sound, of a horse
romper aExpress or utter spontaneously
silbarwhistle or howl approvingly at a female, of males
soltar una retahílaUtter rapidly
soltarlaUtter with anger or contempt / contempt
suspirarUtter with a sigh
zumbarmake a vibrant sound, as of some birds
Inglésutter, emit, let out, let loose
Catalánemetre sons
Adjetivodecible, declarable, descriptiblecapable of being uttered in words / words or sentences
Nombresdiscurso, emisión, enunciación, enunciado, expresión, vocalizaciónThe use of uttered sounds for auditory communication

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