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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra trinar:
VERBOcommunicationtrinar, gorjear, grillar, piarmake high-pitched sounds
communicationtrinar, gorjearsing or play with trills, alternating with the half note above or below
Español > trinar: 2 sentidos > verbo 1, communication
Sentidomake high-pitched sounds.
Sinónimosgorjear, grillar, piar
Específicogorjearmake high-pitched sounds, as of birds
Generalemitir sonidos, emitirExpress audibly
Ingléspeep, cheep, chirp, chirrup
Catalánpiuar, piular, piulejar, refilar
Nombreschirrido, frecuencia modulada pulsada, gorjeo, trinoA sharp sound made by small birds or insects
gorjeo, piada, píoThe short weak cry of a young bird
gorjeoA series of chirps
Español > trinar: 2 sentidos > verbo 2, communication
Sentidosing or play with trills, alternating with the half note above or below.
Generalcantarproduce tones with the voice
Ingléswarble, trill, quaver
Catalánrefilar, trinar
NombrescantorA singer
corcheaA musical note having the time value of an eighth of a whole note
trinado, trinoA note that alternates rapidly with another note a semitone above it

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