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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra cantor:
ADJETIVOpertcantorof or relating to the songbirds
NOMBREperson cantor, cantante, cantora, vocalistaa person who sings
person cantora singer
person cantor, cantor principal, chantre, director de coro, maestro de corothe musical director of a choir
Español > cantor: 4 sentidos > adjetivo 1, pert
SentidoOf or relating to the songbirds.
Nombresoscinepasserine bird having specialized vocal apparatus
Español > cantor: 4 sentidos > nombre 1, person
SentidoA person who sings.
Sinónimoscantante, cantora, vocalista
CasosAl JolsonUnited States singer (born in Russia) who appeared in the first full-length talking film (1886-1950)
B. B. KingUnited States guitar player and singer of the blues (born in 1925)
Bailey, Pearl Bailey, Pearl Mae BaileyUnited States singer (1918-1990)
Barbra StreisandUnited States singer and actress (born in 1942)
Bessie SmithUnited States blues singer (1894-1937)
Bob DylanUnited States songwriter noted for his protest songs (born in 1941)
Bob Marley, Marley, Robert Nesta MarleyJamaican singer who popularized reggae (1945-1981)
Cash, John Cash, Johnny CashUnited States country music singer and songwriter (1932-2003)
Dean Martin, Dino Paul Crocetti, MartinUnited States singer (1917-1995)
Edith Piaf, Little Sparrow, PiafFrench cabaret singer (1915-1963)
Ella FitzgeraldUnited States scat singer (1917-1996)
Ethel MermanUnited States singer who appeared in several musical comedies (1909-1984)
Ethel Waters, WatersUnited States actress and singer (1896-1977)
Hank WilliamsUnited States country singer and songwriter (1923-1953)
Harry Lauder, Lauder, Sir Harry MacLennan LauderScottish ballad singer and music hall comedian (1870-1950)
Huddie Leadbetter, Leadbelly, LedbetterUnited States folk singer and composer (1885-1949)
Janis JoplinUnited States singer who died of a drug overdose at the height of her popularity (1943-1970)
Judy GarlandUnited States singer and film actress (1922-1969)
Julio IglesiasSpanish singer noted for his ballads and love songs (born in 1943)
Lena HorneUnited States singer and actress (born in 1917)
Lillian RussellUnited States entertainer remembered for her roles in comic operas (1861-1922)
Mahalia JacksonUnited States singer who did much to popularize gospel music (1911-1972)
Marlene DietrichUnited States film actress (born in Germany) who made many films with Josef von Sternberg and later was a successful cabaret star (1901-1992)
Maurice ChevalierFrench actor and cabaret singer (1888-1972)
Michael JacksonUnited States singer who began singing with his four brothers and later became a highly successful star during the 1980s (born in 1958)
Paul Bustill Robeson, Paul Robeson, RobesonUnited States bass singer and an outspoken critic of racism and proponent of socialism / socialism (1898-1976)
Paul SimonUnited States singer and songwriter (born in 1942)
Roy OrbisonUnited States composer and rockabilly tenor popular in the 1950s (1936-1988)
Sarah VaughanUnited States jazz singer noted for her complex bebop phrasing and scat singing (1924-1990)
Tammy WynetteUnited States country singer (1942-1998)
Específicoalto, contraltoA singer whose voice lies in the alto clef
bajoAn adult male singer with the lowest voice
barítonoA male singer
cantante de liederA singer of lieder
cantante folclórico, cantante poeta, juglar, trobador, trovadora, trovadorA singer of folk songs
cantante melódico, croonerA singer of popular ballads
cantarinaA female singer
cantorA singer
castratoA male singer who was castrated before puberty and retains a soprano or alto voice
contraltoA woman singer having a contralto voice
coristaA singer in a choir
estrella de óperasinger of lead role in an opera
estrella del rock, estrella de rockA famous singer of rock music
madrigalistaA singer of madrigals
soprano, tipleA female singer
tenorAn adult male with a tenor voice
villanciqueroA singer of carols / carols
voz(metonymy) a singer
Generalinstrumentista, músicosomeone who plays a musical instrument (as a profession)
Ingléssinger, vocalist, vocalizer, vocaliser
Cataláncantant, cantor, vocalista
Nombresfonación, vocalización, vox, vozThe sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract
VerboscantarTo make melodious sounds
cantarproduce tones with the voice
cantardeliver by singing
vocalizarUtter with vibrating vocal chords
vocalizarsing (each note a scale or in a melody) with the same vowel
Español > cantor: 4 sentidos > nombre 2, person
SentidoA singer; usually a singer who adds embellishments to the song.
Generalcantante, cantora, cantor, vocalistaA person who sings
Verbosgorjear, trinarsing or play with trills, alternating with the half note above or below
Español > cantor: 4 sentidos > nombre 3, person
SentidoThe musical director of a choir.
Sinónimoscantor principal, chantre, director de coro, maestro de coro
Generalmúsicoartist who composes or conducts music as a profession
Ingléschoirmaster, precentor, cantor
Cataláncantor, director de cor, xantre
NombreschantríaThe position of precentor

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