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English > 5 senses of the word director:
NOUNperson director, manager, managing directorsomeone who controls resources and expenditures
person directormember of a board of directors
person director, theater director, theatre directorsomeone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show
person director, film directorthe person who directs the making of a film
person director, conductor, music directorthe person who leads a musical group
director > pronunciation
Soundsdayreh'kter; dereh'kter; dihreh'kter; diyreh'kter
Rhymesabductor ... zoster: 649 rhymes with ter...
English > director: 5 senses > noun 1, person
Meaningsomeone who controls resources and expenditures.
Synonymsmanager, managing director
Narrowerbank managermanager of a branch office of a bank
district managerA manager who supervises the sales activity for a district
manageressA woman manager
Broaderadministrator, decision makersomeone who administers a business
Spanishadministrador, directora, director, gerente, gestor, manager
Catalandirectora, director, gerent
Nounsdirectorshipthe position of a director / director of a business concern
Verbsdirectbe in charge of
English > director: 5 senses > noun 2, person
MeaningMember of a board of directors.
Member ofboardA committee having supervisory powers
Broadercommittee memberA member of a committee / committee
Spanishdirectivo, director
Nounsdirectorshipthe position of a director / director of a business concern
English > director: 5 senses > noun 3, person
Meaningsomeone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show.
Synonymstheater director, theatre director
InstancesGranville-Barker, Harley Granville-BarkerEnglish actor and dramatist and critic and director noted for his productions of Shakespearean plays (1877-1946)
Kazan, Elia Kazan, Elia KazanjoglousUnited States stage and screen director (born in Turkey) and believer in method acting (1909-2003)
Stanislavsky, Konstantin Stanislavsky, Konstantin Sergeyevich Stanislavsky, Konstantin Sergeevich AlekseevRussian actor and theater director who trained his actors to emphasize the psychological motivation of their roles (1863-1938)
Narrowerstage directorsomeone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a stage show
BroadersupervisorOne who supervises or has charge and direction of
Spanishdirector de escena, director
Catalandirectora, director d'escena, director
Verbsdirectguide the actors in (plays and films)
English > director: 5 senses > noun 4, person
MeaningThe person who directs the making of a film.
Synonymfilm director
InstancesBergman, Ingmar BergmanSwedish film director who used heavy symbolism and explored the psychology of the characters (born 1918)
Bunuel, Luis BunuelSpanish film director (1900-1983)
Hitchcock, Alfred Hitchcock, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, Alfred Joseph HitchcockEnglish film director noted for his skill in creating suspense / suspense (1899-1980)
Strasberg, Lee Strasberg, Israel StrassbergUnited States actor and film director (born in Austria) who was a leader in developing method acting in the United States (1901-1982)
Broaderfilm maker, filmmaker, film producer, movie makerA producer of motion pictures
Spanishdirector de cine
English > director: 5 senses > noun 5, person
MeaningThe person who leads a musical group.
Synonymsconductor, music director
InstancesBernstein, Leonard BernsteinUnited States conductor and composer (1918-1990)
Britten, Benjamin Britten, Edward Benjamin Britten, Lord Britten of Aldeburghmajor English composer of the 20th century
Fiedler, Arthur FiedlerPopular United States conductor (1894-1979)
Hindemith, Paul HindemithGerman neoclassical composer and conductor who believed that music should have a social purpose (1895-1963)
Koussevitzky, Serge Koussevitzky, Sergei Aleksandrovich KoussevitzkyUnited States conductor (born in Russia) who was noted for performing the works of contemporary composers (1874-1951)
Lambert, Constant Lambert, Leonard Constant LambertEnglish composer and conductor (1905-1951)
Mahler, Gustav MahlerAustrian composer and conductor (1860-1911)
Ormandy, Eugene OrmandyUnited States conductor (born in Hungary) (1899-1985)
Ozawa, Seiji OzawaUnited States conductor (born in Japan in 1935)
Stokowski, Leopold Stokowski, Leopold Antoni Stanislaw StokowskiUnited States conductor (born in Britain) (1882-1977)
Szell, George SzellUnited States conductor (born in Hungary) (1897-1970)
Toscanini, Arturo ToscaniniItalian conductor of many orchestras worldwide / worldwide (1867-1957)
Walter, Bruno WalterGerman conductor (1876-1962)
Weber, Carl Maria von Weber, Baron Karl Maria Friedrich Ernst von WeberGerman conductor and composer of romantic operas (1786-1826)
Wood, Sir Henry Wood, Sir Henry Joseph WoodEnglish conductor (1869-1944)
NarrowerbandleaderThe leader of a dance band
bandmasterThe conductor of a band
drum majorThe leader of a marching band or drum corps
drum majorette, majoretteA female drum major
Broadermusicianartist who composes or conducts music as a profession
Spanishconductor, directora, director de orquesta, director
Catalanconductor, directora, director d'orquestra, director
Verbsdirectlead, as in the performance of a composition

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