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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra vocalización:
NOMBREcommunicationvocalización, discurso, emisión, enunciación, enunciado, expresiónthe use of uttered sounds for auditory communication
communicationvocalización, fonación, vox, vozthe sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract
Español > vocalización: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, communication
SentidoThe use of uttered sounds for auditory communication.
Sinónimosdiscurso, emisión, enunciación, enunciado, expresión
Partesfonema, fono, sonido(phonetics) an individual sound unit of speech without concern as to whether or not it is a phoneme of some language
Específicoalarido, bramido, chillido, clamor, gritoA loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)
algarada, clamor, grito, protesta, tole, vociferaciónA loud utterance
aullido, ululatoA long loud emotional utterance
ay, gemido, lamento, queja, quejido, quejumbreAn utterance expressing pain or disapproval
exclamaciónAn abrupt excited utterance
farfullaAn utterance (of words) with spitting sounds (as in rage / rage)
gañido, graznido, graznidosA harsh hoarse utterance (as of a frog)
grosería, lenguaje soez, vulgaridadVulgar or irreverent speech or action
gruñidoA gruff or angry utterance (suggestive of the growling of an animal)
gruñidoA vicious angry growl
hablaThe utterance of intelligible speech
pronunciaciónThe manner in which someone utters a word
risa, risasThe sound of laughing
suspiroAn utterance made by exhaling audibly
tono ásperouttering in an irritated tone
Generalcomunicación auditiva, comunicación oralcommunication that relies on hearing
Inglésutterance, vocalization
Catalándiscurs, emissió, enunciació, enunciat, expressió, pronunciació
Verbosarticular, comunicar, expresar, manifestar, proferir, verbalizararticulate
conversar, decir, dialogar, hablar, proferir, pronunciar, verbalizarExpress in speech
emitir sonidos, emitirExpress audibly
Español > vocalización: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, communication
SentidoThe sound made by the vibration of vocal folds modified by the resonance of the vocal tract.
Sinónimosfonación, vox, voz
EspecíficosprechgesangA style of dramatic vocalization between singing and speaking
vozThe musical quality of the voice while singing / singing
GeneralcomunicaciónSomething that is communicated by or to or between people or groups
Inglésvoice, vocalization, vocalisation, vocalism, phonation, vox
Catalánarticulació, fonació, veu, vocalització, vox
AdjetivovocalHaving or using the power to produce speech or sound
vocalrelating to or designed for or using the singing voice
Nombrescantante, cantora, cantor, vocalistaA person who sings
VerbosvocalizarUtter with vibrating vocal chords

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