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English > 2 senses of the expression let loose:
VERBcommunicationlet loose, utter, emit, let outexpress audibly
contactlet loose, unleash, looseturn loose or free from restraint
English > let loose: 2 senses > verb 1, communication
MeaningExpress audibly; utter sounds / sounds (not necessarily words / words).
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something
Synonymsutter, emit, let out
Narrowerbarkmake barking sounds
bellow, roarmake a loud noise, as of animal
bite outUtter
bleat, blate, blat, baacry plaintively
break intoExpress or utter spontaneously
cacklesquawk shrilly and loudly, characteristic of hens
callUtter in a loud voice or announce
callUtter a characteristic note or cry
cawUtter a cry, characteristic of crows, rooks, or ravens
chirrmake a vibrant noise, of grasshoppers or cicadas
chorusUtter in unison
churr, whirrmake a vibrant sound, as of some birds
cluck, click, clackmake a clucking sounds, characteristic of hens
coocry softly, as of pigeons
croak, cronkUtter a hoarse sound, like a raven
crowExpress pleasure verbally
crowUtter shrill sounds
cryUtter a characteristic sound
deliverUtter (an exclamation, noise, etc.)
gargleUtter with gargling or burbling sounds
gibberchatter inarticulately
giveemit or utter
gobblemake a gurgling sound, characteristic of turkeys
groan, moanIndicate pain, discomfort, or displeasure
grumble, growl, rumbleTo utter or emit low dull rumbling sounds
gruntissue a grunting, low, animal-like noise
gurgleUtter with a gurgling sound
hawUtter 'haw'
heaveUtter a sound, as with obvious effort
hee-haw, braybraying characteristic of donkeys
hemUtter 'hem' or 'ahem'
hiss, siss, sizz, sibilatemake a sharp hissing sound, as if to show disapproval
honk, cronkcry like a goose
hootTo utter a loud clamorous shout
hootUtter the characteristic sound of owls
howl, wrawl, yammer, yowlcry loudly, as of animals
liftmake audible
meow, mewcry like a cat
mewUtter a high-pitched cry, as of seagulls
miaou, miaowmake a cat-like sound
moo, lowmake a low noise, characteristic of bovines
nasalespeak in a nasal voice
neigh, nicker, whicker, whinnyMake a characteristic sound, of a horse
pantUtter while panting, as if out of breath
peep, cheep, chirp, chirrupmake high-pitched sounds
quackUtter quacking noises
repeat, echoTo say / say again or imitate
shootUtter fast and forcefully
shout, shout out, cry, call, yell, scream, holler, hollo, squallUtter a sudden loud cry
sibilateUtter a sibilant
sighUtter with a sigh
singTo make melodious sounds
smackPress (the lips) together and open (the lips) noisily, as in eating
snortIndicate contempt / contempt by breathing noisily and forcefully through the nose
spit, spit outUtter with anger or contempt / contempt
sputter, splutterUtter with a spitting sound, as if in a rage / rage
squeal, oinkUtter a high-pitched cry, characteristic of pigs
troatemit a cry intended to attract other animals
trumpetUtter in trumpet-like sounds
tsk, tut, tut-tutUtter 'tsk,' 'tut,' or 'tut-tut,' as in disapproval
volleyUtter rapidly
wolf-whistlewhistle or howl approvingly at a female, of males
Spanishemitir sonidos, emitir
Catalanemetre sons
English > let loose: 2 senses > verb 2, contact
MeaningTurn loose or free from restraint.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Somebody ----s somebody; Something ----s somebody; Something ----s something
Example"let loose mines"
Synonymsunleash, loose
Broaderlet go of, let go, release, relinquishRelease, as from one's grip
Spanishdesatar, liberar, soltar

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