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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula furtar:
VERBpossessionfurtar, afanar, prendre, rampinyar, robartake without the owner's consent
possessionfurtar, pispar, robarmake off with belongings of others
competitionfurtar, agafar, prendre, robarsteal a base
Català > furtar: 3 sentits > verb 1, possession
SentitTake without the owner's consent.
Sinònimsafanar, prendre, rampinyar, robar
Específicarrambarsell something to or obtain something from by energetic / energetic and especially underhanded activity
atracar, robartake something away by force or without the consent of the owner
desvalisar, robarcommit a burglary
embutxacar, robarTake unlawfully
furtar, pispar, robarMake off with belongings of others
malversarAppropriate (as property entrusted to one's care) fraudulently to one's own use
nolexsteal in a store
piratejarCopy illegally
plagiarTake without referencing from someone else's writing or speech
robarTake illegally
saquejarTake illegally
Generalagafar, apropiar-se, confiscar, copar, prendre, traure, treureTake by force
Anglèssteal, rip off, rip
Espanyolafanar, hurtar, mangar, quitar, rapiñar, robar, sustraer
Nomsatracament, estafa, furt, lladrocini, robament, robatoriThe act of taking something from someone unlawfully
furtador, lladre, rapinyaire, robadorA criminal who takes property belonging to someone else with the intention of keeping it or selling it
Català > furtar: 3 sentits > verb 2, possession
SentitMake off with belongings of others.
Sinònimspispar, robar
Generalafanar, furtar, prendre, rampinyar, robarTake without the owner's consent
Anglèspilfer, cabbage, purloin, pinch, abstract, snarf, swipe, hook, sneak, filch, nobble, lift
Espanyolafanar, atrapar, birlar, enganchar, guindar, hurtar, mangar, quitar, robar
Nomsafaneta, lladregot, mangui, pispa, tinyetaA thief who steals without using violence
calés, cuques, kale, lucre, pasta, peles, pistrincs, quartos, simoleonsinformal terms for money
nolexA thief who steals goods that are in a store
Català > furtar: 3 sentits > verb 3, competition
SentitSteal a base.
Sinònimsagafar, prendre, robar
Categoriabaseball, beisbolA ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players
Generalanticipar, avançar-se, endinsar-se, guanyar, internar-seObtain advantages, such as points, etc.

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