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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula expressar:
VERBcommunicationexpressar, ensenyar, manifestar, mostrar, presentar, reflectir, revelargive expression / expression to
communicationexpressar, dir verbalment, manifestar, proferir, verbalitzararticulate
communicationexpressar, declarar, indicarindicate through a symbol, formula, etc.
Català > expressar: 3 sentits > verb 1, communication
SentitGive expression / expression to.
Sinònimsensenyar, manifestar, mostrar, presentar, reflectir, revelar
Específicaccentuar, emfasitzar, emfatitzar, recalcar, remarcarTo stress, single out as important
evocar, suggerirCall to mind
formular, redactarput into words or an expression
implicarExpress or state indirectly
Generalcomunicar, transmetremake known
Anglèsexpress, show, evince
Espanyolevidenciar, expresar, manifestar, mostrar, presentar, revelar
Adjectiusexpressablecapable of being expressed
expressiuCharacterized by expression
Català > expressar: 3 sentits > verb 2, communication
Sentitarticulate; either verbally or with a cry, shout, or noise.
Sinònimsdir verbalment, manifestar, proferir, verbalitzar
Específicafirmar, declarar, dir, manifestar, sentenciarExpress in words / words
aspirar, desitjarmake or express a wish / wish
declarar, sentenciarUtter aloud
exclamarUtter aloud
meravellar-se, sorprendre'sExpress astonishment or surprise about something
representarServe as a means of expressing something
vociferarUtter in a very loud voice
Anglèsexpress, verbalize, verbalise, utter, give tongue to
Espanyolarticular, comunicar, expresar, manifestar, proferir, verbalizar
Adjectiusdescriptiblecapable of being uttered in words / words or sentences
expressablecapable of being expressed
expressiuCharacterized by expression
Nomsdiscurs, emissió, enunciació, enunciat, expressió, pronunciacióThe use of uttered sounds for auditory communication
expressióThe communication (in speech or writing) of your beliefs or opinions
Català > expressar: 3 sentits > verb 3, communication
SentitIndicate through a symbol, formula, etc..
Sinònimsdeclarar, indicar
EspecíficvotarExpress one's choice or preference by vote
GeneraldenotarHave as a meaning / meaning
Anglèsexpress, state
Espanyolexpresar, indicar
Adjectiusexpressablecapable of being expressed

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