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Español > 3 sentidos de la palabra discernir:
VERBOcognitiondiscernir, deslindar, diferenciar, distinguirmark as different
perceptiondiscernir, detectar, distinguir, percibir, reconocer, sentir, vislumbrardetect with the senses
perceptiondiscernir, acechar, espiar, vercatch sight of
Español > discernir: 3 sentidos > verbo 1, cognition
Sentidomark as different.
Sinónimosdeslindar, diferenciar, distinguir
Implicacomparar, cotejarExamine and note the similarities or differences of
Específicocontraponer, contrastarput in opposition to show / show or emphasize differences
demarcarseparate clearly, as if by boundaries
desconectar, disociar, separarregard as unconnected
diferenciar, discriminarrecognize or perceive the difference
discriminartreat differently on the basis of sex / sex or race
estratificardivide society into social classes or castes
individualizar, individuarmake or mark or treat as individual
sexartell the sex (of young chickens)
Generalidentificarrecognize as being
Inglésdistinguish, separate, differentiate, secern, secernate, severalize, severalise, tell, tell apart
Catalándiferenciar, discernir, discriminar, distingir
Nombresdesviación, diferencia, divergencia, partidaA variation that deviates from the standard or norm
diferenciaThe quality of being unlike or dissimilar
diferenciación, distinciónA discrimination between things as different and distinct / distinct
Español > discernir: 3 sentidos > verbo 2, perception
Sentidodetect with the senses.
Sinónimosdetectar, distinguir, percibir, reconocer, sentir, vislumbrar
Implicaapreciar, comprender, entender, percibir, sentir, verTo become aware of through the senses
resolvermake clearly visible
Tambiéndecir, evidenciarGive evidence
Inglésspot, recognize, recognise, distinguish, discern, pick out, make out, tell apart
Catalánalbirar, detectar, dicenrnir, discernir, distingir, reconèixer, sentir
Adjetivodiscernibleperceptible by the senses or intellect
discerniblecapable of being perceived clearly
evidente, observablecapable of being seen or noticed
Español > discernir: 3 sentidos > verbo 3, perception
SentidoCatch sight of.
Sinónimosacechar, espiar, ver
Generalavistar, divisar, vercatch sight of
Inglésdescry, spot, espy, spy
Catalánafigurar, aguaitar, albirar, ataüllar, descobrir, espiar, observar, sotjar
Nombrescaptación, detección, espionaje, localizaciónThe act of detecting something
centinela, guarda, guardia, sentinel, vigilanteA person employed to keep watch for some anticipated event
descubridorsomeone who is the first to observe something

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