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Español > 7 sentidos de la palabra operación:
NOMBREactoperación, cirugía, intervención, procedimiento quirúrgicoa medical procedure involving an incision with instruments
actoperación, maniobraactivity by a military or naval force (as a maneuver or campaign)
processoperación(computer science) data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction)
actoperación, procedimientoa process or series of acts especially of a practical or mechanical nature involved in a particular form of work
actoperación, operación matemática, proceso matemático(mathematics) calculation by mathematical methods
actoperacióna planned activity involving many people performing various actions
actoperacióna business especially one run on a large / large / large scale
Español > operación: 7 sentidos > nombre 1, act
SentidoA medical procedure involving an incision with instruments; performed to repair damage or arrest disease in a living body.
Sinónimoscirugía, intervención, procedimiento quirúrgico
Categoría deanestesiar por congelaciónAnesthetize by cold
hipofisectomizarRemove the pituitary glands
trepanarcut a hole with a trepan, as in surgery
CategoríacirugíaThe branch of medical science that treats disease or injury by operative procedures
Parteshemostasiasurgical procedure of stopping the flow of blood (as with a hemostat)
incisiónThe cutting of or into body tissues or organs (especially by a surgeon as part of an operation)
suturaSurgical joining of two surfaces
EspecíficoPPPSurgical resection of unnecessary palatal and oropharyngeal tissue to open the airway
ablación, excisión, exéresis, extirpaciónSurgical removal of a body part or tissue
ablación, amputaciónA surgical removal of all or part of a limb
anaplastia, cirugía estética, cirugía plásticasurgery concerned with therapeutic or cosmetic reformation of tissue
angioplastiaAn operation to repair a damaged blood vessel or unblock a coronary artery
artroplastiaSurgical reconstruction or replacement / replacement of a malformed or degenerated joint
artroscopiaA minimally invasive operation to repair a damaged joint
cateterismoThe operation of introducing a catheter into the body
cauterio, cauterizaciónThe act of coagulating blood and destroying tissue with a hot iron or caustic agent or by freezing
craneotomíaA surgical opening / opening through the skull
criocirugíaThe use of extreme / extreme cold (usually liquid nitrogen) to destroy unwanted tissue (warts or cataracts or skin cancers)
curetaje, legrado, raspadosurgery to remove tissue or growths from a bodily cavity (as the uterus) by scraping with a curette
decorticaciónremoval of the outer covering of an organ or part
desbridamientoSurgical removal of foreign / foreign material and dead tissue from a wound in order to prevent infection and promote healing
electrocirugíasurgery performed with electrical devices (as in electrocautery)
enterotomíasurgical operation that creates a permanent opening through the abdominal wall into the intestine
esterilizaciónThe act of making an organism barren or infertile (unable to reproduce)
flebectomíaSurgical removal or all or part of a vein
gastrectomíaSurgical removal of all or part of the stomach
gastrostomíaSurgical creation of an opening through the abdominal wall into the stomach (as for gastrogavage)
histerostomía, histerotomiasurgical incision into the uterus (as in cesarean section)
miringotomíasurgical incision into the eardrum (to relieve pressure or release pus from the middle ear)
neurocirugíaAny surgery that involves the nervous system (brain or spinal cord or peripheral nerves)
osteotomíaSurgical sectioning of bone
ostomíasurgical procedure that creates an artificial opening for the elimination of bodily wastes
resecciónSurgical removal of part of a structure or organ
rizotomíasurgical procedure in which spinal nerve roots are cut
transplante, trasplanteAn operation moving an organ from one organism (the donor) to another (the recipient)
traqueotomíaA surgical operation that creates an opening into the trachea with a tube inserted to provide a passage for air
trepanaciónAn operation that removes a circular section of bone from the skull
vasovasostomíaA surgical procedure that attempts to restore the function of the vas deferens after a vasectomy
vivisecciónThe act of operating on living animals (especially in scientific research)
Generalprocedimiento médicoA procedure employed by medical or dental practitioners
Inglésoperation, surgery, surgical operation, surgical procedure, surgical process
Cataláncirurgia, intervenció, intervenció quirúrgica, operació, operació quirúrgica
Adjetivono quirúrgiconot surgical
operatorio, quirúrgica, quirúrgicorelating to or requiring or amenable to treatment by surgery especially as opposed to medicine
quirúrgicoOf or relating to or involving or used in surgery
Verbosintervenir, operarPerform surgery on
Español > operación: 7 sentidos > nombre 2, act
SentidoActivity by a military or naval force (as a maneuver or campaign).
Categoríaejército, FAS, fuerzas armadas, las fuerzas armadasThe military forces of a nation
CasosMeuse-ArgonneAn American operation in World War I (1918)
Operación Tormenta del DesiertoThe United States and its allies defeated Iraq in a ground war that lasted 100 hours (1991)
Específicoarremetida, asalto, ataque(military) an offensive against an enemy / enemy (using weapons)
ataque, ofensivaThe action of attacking an enemy / enemy
campañaSeveral related operations aimed at achieving a particular goal (usually within geographical and temporal constraints)
campaña navalAn operation conducted primarily by naval forces in order to gain or extend or maintain control of the sea
maniobraA military training exercise
mantenimiento de la pazThe activity of keeping the peace by military forces (especially when international military forces enforce a truce between hostile groups or nations)
misión militar, misiónAn operation that is assigned by a higher headquarters
operación encubiertaAn intelligence operation so planned as to permit plausible denial by the sponsor
operación militar anfibiaA military operation by both land and sea forces
recogida de informaciónThe act of collecting information
refuerzoA military operation (often involving new supplies of men and materiel) to strengthen a military force or aid in the performance of its mission
GeneralactividadAny specific behavior
Inglésoperation, military operation
Catalánmaniobra, operació militar, operació
VerbosmaniobrarPerform a movement in military or naval tactics in order to secure an advantage in attack or defense
Español > operación: 7 sentidos > nombre 3, process
Sentido(computer science) data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction).
Categoríacomputación, informática, InformáticaThe branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
EspecíficobúsquedaAn operation that determines whether one or more of a set of items has a specified property
clasificación, ordenamientoAn operation that segregates items into groups according to a specified criterion
función de control, operación de controlAn operation that controls the recording or processing or transmission of interpretation of data
operación asincrónicaoperations that occur without a regular or predictable time relation to other events
operación auxiliar, operación off-lineA operation performed by off-line equipment not under the control of the central processing unit
operación binaria, operación booleanaAn operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra
operación consecutiva, operación en serie, operación secuencial, operación serialThe sequential execution of operations one after another
operación de impresiónAn operation that controls the printing or display of information
operación diádica, operación dicotómicaAn operation on exactly two operands
operación en paralelo, operación simultáneaThe simultaneous execution of two or more operations
operación lógicaAn operation that follows the rules of symbolic logic
operación monádica, operación unariaAn operation with exactly one operand
operación múltiplexAn operation in which two or more activities are interleaved
operación sincrónicaoperations that are initiated predictably by a clock
Generalprocesamiento de datos(computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information
Español > operación: 7 sentidos > nombre 4, act
SentidoA process or series of acts especially of a practical or mechanical nature involved in a particular form of work.
GeneraltrabajoActivity directed toward making or doing something
Inglésoperation, procedure
Catalánoperació, procediment
Adjetivoprocedimental, procedural, procesalOf or relating to procedure
Verbosfuncionar, marchar, operar, trabajarPerform as expected when applied
Español > operación: 7 sentidos > nombre 5, act
Sentido(mathematics) calculation by mathematical methods.
Sinónimosoperación matemática, proceso matemático
Categoríaciencias exactas, matemática, matemáticas, matemático, matesA science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic / logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
EspecíficocombinaciónThe act of arranging elements into specified groups without regard to order
construcciónDrawing a figure satisfying certain conditions as part of solving a problem or proving a theorem
diferenciaciónThe mathematical process of obtaining the derivative of a function
exponenciación, potenciaciónThe process of raising a quantity to some assigned power
integración, integralAn operation used in the calculus whereby the integral of a function is determined
operación aritméticaA mathematical operation involving numbers
permutaciónThe act of changing the arrangement of a given number of elements
Generalcalculo, cálculo, cómputoThe procedure of calculating
Inglésmathematical process, mathematical operation, operation
Catalánoperació matemàtica, operació, procés matemàtic
Español > operación: 7 sentidos > nombre 6, act
SentidoA planned activity involving many people performing various actions.
GeneralactividadAny specific behavior
Español > operación: 7 sentidos > nombre 7, act
SentidoA business especially one run on a large / large / large scale.
Generalactividad comercialActivity undertaken as part of a commercial ... / commercial enterprise
Verbosadministrar, gestionar, manejar, operardirect or control

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