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English > 6 senses of the word vein:
NOUNbodyvein, vena, venous blood vessela blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart
communicationveina distinctive style or manner
plantvein, nervureany of the vascular bundles or ribs that form the branching framework of conducting and supporting tissues in a leaf or other plant organ
objectvein, mineral veina layer of ore between layers of rock
animalvein, nervureone of the horny ribs that stiffen and support the wing of an insect
VERBcreationveinmake a veinlike pattern
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English > vein: 6 senses > noun 1, body
MeaningA blood vessel that carries blood from the capillaries toward the heart.
Example"all veins except the pulmonary vein carry unaerated blood"
Synonymsvena, venous blood vessel
Part ofcirculatory system, cardiovascular systemThe organs and tissues involved in circulating blood and lymph through the body
Narroweraccessory cephalic vein, vena cephalica accessoriaA vein that passes along the radial edge of the forearm and joins the cephalic vein near the elbow
accessory hemiazygos vein, accessory hemiazygous vein, vena hemiazygos accessoriaA vein formed by the union of the 4th to 7th posterior intercostal veins
accessory vertebral vein, vena vertebralis accessoriaA vein that accompanies the vertebral vein but passes through the foramen of the transverse process of the 7th cervical vertebra and empties into the brachiocephalic vein
accompanying vein, vena comitansA vein accompanying another structure
anastomotic vein, vena anastomoticaEither of two communicating veins serving the brain
angular vein, vena angularisA short vein formed by the supraorbital vein and the supratrochlear vein and continuing as the facial vein
anterior vertebral vein, vena vertebralis anteriorA vein that accompanies the ascending cervical artery and opens into the vertebral vein
appendicular vein, vena appendicularisA vein that accompanies the appendicular artery and empties into the ileocolic vein
arcuate vein of the kidney, vena arcuata renisveins that receive blood from interlobular veins of kidney and rectal venules
auricular vein, vena auricularisOne of two veins serving the ear region
axillary vein, vena axillarisA continuation of the basilic vein and brachial vein that becomes the subclavian vein
azygos vein, azygous vein, vena azygosOne of a system of veins that drain the thoracic and abdominal walls
basal vein, vena basalisA large vein passing along the medial surface of the temporal lobe and emptying into the great cerebral vein
basilic vein, vena basilicaA vein that drains the back of the hand and forearm and empties into the axillary vein
basivertebral vein, vena basivertebralisOne of a number of veins draining the spongy substance of the vertebrae and emptying into the anterior internal vertebral venous plexus
brachial vein, vena brachialisTwo veins in either arm that accompany the brachial artery and empty into the axillary vein
brachiocephalic vein, innominate vein, vena brachiocephalicaveins formed by the union of the internal jugular and subclavian veins
bronchial vein, vena bronchialisveins serving the bronchi
cardinal veinAny of the major venous channels in primitive adult vertebrates and in embryos of higher vertebrates
central vein of retina, vena centrales retinaevein formed by the union of the retinal veins
central vein of suprarenal gland, vena centralis glandulae suprarenalisA single draining vein
central veins of liver, venae centrales hepatisTerminal branches of the hepatic veins that lie in the hepatic lobules and receive blood from the liver sinusoids
cephalic vein, vena cephalicaA large vein of the arm that empties into the axillary vein
cerebellar vein, vena cerebellumThe veins draining the cerebellum
cerebral vein, vena cerebriAny of several veins serving the cerebral hemispheres of the brain
cervical vein, deep cervical vein, vena cervicalis profundaA vein that accompanies an artery of the same name
choroid vein, vena choroideaEither of two veins serving the choroid coat of the eye
ciliary veins, venae ciliaressmall veins coming from the ciliary body
circumflex vein, vena circumflexaAny of several curved parallel veins accompanying arteries of the same name
clitoral vein, vena clitoridisveins that serve the clitoris
colic vein, vena colicavein serving the large intestine
common facial veinvein formed by union of facial vein and the retromandibular vein and emptying into the jugular vein
conjunctival veins, venae conjunctivalesveins draining the conjunctiva
costoaxillary veinOne of several veins connecting intercostal veins with the lateral thoracic vein or the thoracoepigastric vein
cutaneous vein, vena cutaneaOne of a number of veins in the subcutaneous tissue that empty into deep veins
cystic vein, vena cysticavein that drains the gallbladder
digital vein, vena digitalisOne of the veins serving the fingers or toes
diploic vein, vena diploicaOne of the veins serving the spongy part of the cranial bones
dorsal scapular vein, vena scapularis dorsalisvein that is a tributary of the subclavian vein or external jugular vein and accompanies the descending scapular artery
emissary vein, vena emissariaOne of several connecting veins in the scalp and head that drain blood from sinuses in the dura mater to veins outside the skull
epigastric veinveins serving the anterior walls of the abdomen
esophageal veins, oesophageal veins, venae esophageaesmall veins from the esophagus emptying into the brachiocephalic vein or the azygos veins
ethmoidal vein, vena ethmoidalisveins that drain the ethmoidal sinuses and empty into the superior ophthalmic vein
external nasal vein, vena nasalis externaOne of the veins that drain the external nose and empty into the angular or facial vein
facial vein, vena facialisAny of several veins draining the face
femoral vein, vena femoralisA vein that accompanies the femoral artery in the same sheath
gastric vein, vena gastricaOne of several veins draining the stomach walls
gastroomental vein, gastroepiploic vein, vena gastroomentalisOne of two veins serving the great curvature of the stomach
genicular vein, vena genusveins that drain blood from structures around the knee
gluteal vein, vena gluteusveins draining the gluteal muscles on either side of the body
hemizygos vein, hemizygous vein, vena hemizygosA continuation of the left ascending lumbar vein
hemorrhoidal vein, rectal vein, vena rectalisAny of several veins draining the walls of the anal canal and rectum
hepatic vein, vena hepaticaA vein that drains the liver
ileocolic vein, vena ileocolicaA vein that drains the end of the ileum and the appendix and the cecum and the lower part of the ascending colon
iliac vein, vena iliacaOne of three veins draining the pelvic area
iliolumbar vein, vena iliolumbalisA branch of the internal iliac vein
intercapitular vein, vena intercapitalisveins connecting the dorsal and palmar veins of the hand or the dorsal and plantar veins of the foot
intercostal vein, vena intercostalisSeveral veins draining the intercostal spaces of the rib cage
intervertebral vein, vena intervertebralisOne of several veins accompanying spinal nerves
jugular vein, vena jugularis, jugularveins in the neck that return blood from the head
labial vein, vena labialisA vein draining the lips of the mouth
labial vein, vena labialisveins draining the lips of the vulva
labyrinthine vein, internal auditory veinveins that drain the inner ear
lacrimal vein, vena lacrimalisdrains the lacrimal gland
laryngeal vein, vena laryngeaOne of two veins draining the larynx
lingual vein, vena lingualisA vein that receives blood from the tongue and the floor of the mouth and empties into the internal jugular or the facial vein
lumbar vein, vena lumbalisveins that drain the posterior body wall and the lumbar vertebral venous plexuses
maxillary vein, vena maxillarisPosterior continuation of the pterygoid plexus
meningeal veins, venae meningeaeveins at accompany the meningeal arteries
mesenteric vein, vena mesentericaA tributary of the portal vein passing from the intestine between the two layers of mesentery
metacarpal vein, vena metacarpusdorsal and palmar veins of the hand
metatarsal vein, vena metatarsusdorsal and plantar branches of veins serving the metatarsal region of the foot
musculophrenic vein, vena musculophrenicaveins that drain the upper abdominal wall and the lower intercostal spaces and the abdomen
nasofrontal vein, vena nasofrontalisA vein located in the anterior medial part of the orbit
oblique vein of the left atrium, vena obliqua atrii sinistriA tributary of the coronary sinus
obturator vein, vena obturatoriaA vein formed by the union of tributaries that drain the hip joints and thigh muscles
occipital vein, vena occipitalisA vein that drains the occipital region
ophthalmic vein, vena ophthalmicaEither of two veins that serve the eye
ovarian vein, vena ovaricaOne of the veins that drain the ovaries
palatine vein, vena palatinaA vein that drains the region of the palate and empties into the facial vein
pancreatic vein, venae pancreaticaveins draining the pancreas and emptying into the superior mesenteric and splenic veins
paraumbilical vein, vena paraumbilicalissmall veins arising in skin around the navel
parotid veinparotid branches of the facial vein
pectoral vein, vena pectoralisveins that drain the pectoral muscles and empty into the subclavian vein
perforating vein, vena perforantisveins that accompany the perforating arteries
pericardial vein, vena pericardiacaSeveral small veins from the pericardium
peroneal vein, fibular vein, vena peroneusAccompany the peroneal arteries
pharyngeal vein, vena pharyngeusveins from the pharyngeal plexus that empty into the internal jugular vein
phrenic vein, vena phrenicaEither of two veins that drain the diaphragm
popliteal vein, vena popliteaA vein arising in the knee and ascending to become the femoral vein
portal vein, hepatic portal vein, portal, vena portaeA short vein that carries blood into the liver
posterior vein of the left ventricle, vena posterior ventriculi sinistriArises near the apex of the heart and empties into the coronary sinus
prepyloric vein, vena pyloricaA tributary of the right gastric vein
pudendal vein, venae pudendumvein of the pudendum
pulmonary vein, vena pulmonalisAny of four veins that carry arterial blood from the lungs to the left atrium of the heart
radial vein, vena radialisSuperficial veins ascending the radial side of the forearm
renal vein, vena renalisveins that accompany renal arteries
sacral vein, vena sacralisvein of the sacral region
saphenous vein, vena saphenaEither of two chief superficial veins of the leg that drain blood from the foot
scleral veins, venae scleralestributaries of the anterior ciliary veins that drain the sclera of the eye
scrotal vein, vena scrotalisveins passing from the scrotum to the pudendal veins
sigmoid vein, vena sigmoideustributaries of the inferior mesenteric vein
spinal vein, vena spinalisveins that drain the spinal cord
splenic vein, vena lienalisA vein formed by several small veins on the surface of the spleen
sternocleidomastoid vein, vena sternocleidomastoideadrains the sternocleidomastoid muscle
stylomastoid vein, vena stylomastoideaA vein that drains the tympanic cavity and empties into the retromandibular vein
subclavian vein, vena subclaviaA continuation of the axillary vein
sublingual vein, vena sublingualisA tributary of the lingual vein
supraorbital vein, vena supraorbitalisdrains the front of the scalp
supratrochlear vein, vena supratrochlearisdrains the front of the scalp
temporal vein, vena temporalisAny of several veins draining the temporal region
testicular vein, vena testicularisA vein from the testicles
thalamostriate veinA vein serving the thalamus and corpus striatum
thoracic vein, vena thoracicaveins that drain the thoracic walls
thoracoepigastric vein, vena thoracoepigastricaA vein arising from the region of the superficial epigastric vein and opening into the axillary vein or thoracic vein
thyroid vein, vena thyroideaAny of several small veins draining blood from the thyroid area
tibial vein, vena tibialisveins of the lower leg
tracheal vein, vena trachealisSeveral small veins from the trachea
tympanic veinveins from the tympanic cavity that empty into the retromandibular vein
ulnar vein, vena ulnarisAny of several veins of the forearm
umbilical vein, vena umbilicalisA vein in the umbilical cord
uterine veinOne of two veins on each side that arise from the uterine plexus and empty into the internal iliac vein
varicose veinA vein that is permanently dilated
vein of penisA vein serving the penis
vena bulbi penisvein of the head of the penis
vena bulbi vestibulivein of the vestibular bulb
vena canaliculi cochleaevein of the cochlear canal
vena cavaEither of two large veins that return oxygen-depleted blood to the right atrium of the heart
venae interlobulares hepatisinterlobular veins of the liver
venae palpebralesveins of the eyelids
venae renisveins of the kidney
venule, venula, capillary veinA minute vein continuous with a capillary
vertebral vein, vena vertebralisA vein that goes through the foramina of the cervical vertebrae and forms a plexus around the vertebral artery
vesical vein, vena vesicalisveins that drain the vesical plexus and join the internal iliac veins
vestibular vein, vena vestibularisveins that drain the saccule and utricle
vortex vein, vorticose vein, vena vorticosumA vein formed by branches from the back surface of the eye and the ciliary body
Broaderblood vesselA vessel in which blood circulates
Adjectivesarteriovenousconnecting an artery to a vein
intravenous, endovenouswithin or by means of a vein
venousof or contained in or performing the function of the veins / veins
English > vein: 6 senses > noun 2, communication
MeaningA distinctive style or manner.
Example"he continued in this vein for several minutes"
Broaderexpressive style, styleA way of expressing something (in language or art or music etc.) that is characteristic of a particular person or group of people or period
Spanishestilo, línea, pauta
English > vein: 6 senses > noun 3, plant
MeaningAny of the vascular bundles or ribs that form the branching framework of conducting and supporting tissues in a leaf or other plant organ.
Narrowermidrib, midveinThe vein in the center of a leaf
Broadervascular bundle, vascular strand, fibrovascular bundleA unit strand of the vascular system in stems and leaves of higher plants consisting essentially of xylem and phloem
Spanishnervadura, nervio
Adjectivesveinalrelating to the veins of plants
English > vein: 6 senses > noun 4, object
MeaningA layer of ore between layers of rock.
Synonymmineral vein
NarrowerbonanzaAn especially rich vein of precious ore
Broadergeological formation, formation(geology) the geological features of the earth
English > vein: 6 senses > noun 5, animal
MeaningOne of the horny ribs that stiffen and support the wing of an insect.
BroaderribA riblike supporting or strengthening part of an animal or plant
English > vein: 6 senses > verb 1, creation
Meaningmake a veinlike pattern.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Broaderstaincolor with a liquid dye or tint

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