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NOMBREcognitioncomputación, informática, Informáticathe branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
cognitioncomputación, informática, IPthe sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information
Español > computación: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, cognition
SentidoThe branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures.
Sinónimosinformática, Informática
Categoría deASCII(computer science) a code for information exchange between computers made by different companies
CPU, procesador, UCP, unidad central de procesamiento, unidad central de proceso(computer science) the part of a computer (a microprocessor chip) that does most of the data processing
EPROM(computer science) a read-only memory chip that can be erased by ultraviolet light and programmed again with new data
accederObtain or retrieve from a storage device
almacenamiento(computer science) the process of storing information in a computer memory or on a magnetic ... / magnetic tape or disk
analogía, simulación, simulación por ordenador(computer science) the technique of representing the real world by a computer program
archivo binario(computer science) a computer file containing machine-readable information that must be read by an application
archivo de disco(computer science) a computer file stored on a magnetic disk and identified by a unique label
archivo de entrada, fichero de entrada(computer science) a computer file that contains data that serve as input to a device or program
archivo de salida, fichero de salida(computer science) a computer file that contains data that are the output of a device or program
archivo de seguridad(computer science) a computer file dedicated to storing and updating computer backups
archivo de texto, documento de texto, documento, fichero de texto(computer science) a computer file that contains text (and possibly formatting instructions) using seven-bit ASCII characters
archivo de transacciones(computer science) a computer file containing relatively transient data about a particular data processing task
archivo informático(computer science) a file maintained in computer-readable form
archivo maestro(computer science) a computer file that is used as the authority in a given job and that is relatively permanent
argumento, parámetro(computer science) a reference or value that is passed to a function, procedure, subroutine, command, or program
arquitectura de ordenadores(computer science) the structure and organization of a computer's ... / computer's hardware or system software
autoedición(computer science) the use of microcomputers with graphics capacity to produce printed materials
backup, copia de seguridad, respaldo(computer science) a copy of a file or directory on a separate storage device
base de datos electrónica(computer science) a database that can be accessed by computers
baudio, baud(computer science) a data transmission rate (bits/second) for modems
bbs, BBSA computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest
bps(computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem)
búfer, buffer, memoria intermedia(computer science) a part of RAM used for temporary storage of data that is waiting to be sent to a device
caché, memoria caché(computer science) RAM memory that is set aside as a specialized buffer storage that is continually updated
calculadora, calculador, computadora, computador, ordenador, procesador de datos, procesadorA machine for performing calculations automatically
campo(computer science) a set of one or more adjacent characters comprising a unit of information
carpeta, directorio(computer science) a listing of the files stored in memory (usually on a hard disk)
circuito de ordenadorA circuit that is part of a computer
cliente(computer science) any computer that is hooked up to a computer network
codificador, informático, ingeniero informático, programadora, programadorA person who designs and writes and tests computer programs
comando, directiva, directriz, instrucción, orden(computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program
compilador(computer science) a program that decodes instructions written in a higher order language and produces an assembly language program
computarizar, computerizar, informatizarControl a function, process, or creation by a computer
concatenarCombine two strings to form a single one
control(computer science) the key on a computer keyboard that is used (in combination with some other key) to type control characters
controlador(computer science) a program that determines how a computer will communicate with a peripheral device
correo electrónico, correo-e, correo, e-mail, email, emilio(computer science) a system of world-wide / world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in
correo electrónico, enviar, unCommunicate electronically on the computer
cortafuego, cortafuegos, firewall(computing) a security system consisting of a combination of hardware and software that limits the exposure of a computer or computer network to attack from crackers
crash(computer science) an event that causes a computer system to become inoperative
cuadro de diálogo(computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user
cursor, puntero(computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display
código informático, código(computer science) the symbolic arrangement of data or instructions in a computer program or the set of such instructions
desambiguador(computer science) a natural language processing application that tries to determine the intended meaning / meaning of a word or phrase by examining the linguistic context in which it is used
descriptorA piece of stored information that is used to identify an item in an information storage and retrieval system
direccionador, encaminador, enrutador, router, ruteador(computer science) a device that forwards data packets between computer networks
disco duro, disquetera, unidad de discocomputer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it
disco magnético, disco(computer science) a memory device consisting of a flat disk covered with a magnetic coating on which information is stored
dispositivo periférico, periférico(computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of a computer
dongle, mochila(computer science) an electronic device that must be attached to a computer in order for it to use protected software
editor(computer science) a program designed to perform such editorial functions as rearrangement or modification or deletion of data
editor de textos(computer science) an application that can be used to create and view and edit text files
ejecución(computer science) the process of carrying out an instruction by a computer
emulación(computer science) technique of one machine obtaining the same results as another
emularimitate the function of (another system) , as by modifying the hardware or the software
error algorítmicoerror resulting from the choice of the wrong algorithm or method for achieving the intended result
error de discoerror resulting from malfunction of a magnetic disk
error de hardwareerror resulting from a malfunction of some physical component of the computer
error de programación, error de softwareerror resulting from bad code in some program involved in producing the erroneous result
error informático(computer science) the occurrence of an incorrect result produced by a computer
error sintácticoAn error of language resulting from code that does not conform to the syntax of the programming language
escritorio, fondo de escritorio, fondo de pantalla(computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear
espacio de disco(computer science) the space available on a magnetic disk
firmware, microcódigo, microprograma(computer science) coded instructions that are stored permanently in read-only memory
fragmentación(computer science) the condition of a file that is broken up and stored in many different locations on a magnetic disk
googlearSearch the internet (for information) using the Google search engine
hardware(computer science) the mechanical, magnetic, electronic, and electrical components making up a computer system
head crash(computer science) a crash of a read/write head in a hard disk drive (usually caused by contact of the head with the surface of the magnetic disk)
icono, ícono(computer science) a graphic symbol (usually a simple picture) that denotes a program or a command or a data file or a concept in a graphical user interface
impresora(computer science) an output device that prints the results of data processing
inicialización(computer science) the format of sectors on the surface of a hard disk drive so that the operating system can access them and setting a starting position
interfaz de usuario, interfaz(computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system
interficie(computer science) computer circuit consisting of the hardware and associated circuitry that links one device with another (especially a computer and a hard disk drive or other peripherals)
interoperabilidad(computer science) the ability to exchange and use information (usually in a large heterogeneous network made up of several local area networks)
interpretador, intérprete, programa intérprete(computer science) a program that translates and executes source language statements / statements one line at a time
introducirEnter (data or a program) into a computer
iteración(computer science) a single execution of a set of instructions that are to be repeated
iteración(computer science) executing the same set of instructions a given number of times or until a specified result is obtained
iterarRun or be performed again
lenguaje de programación(computer science) a language designed for programming computers
lápiz óptico(computer science) a pointer that when pointed at a computer display senses whether or not the spot is illuminated
memoria de núcleos magnéticos, memoria de toros(computer science) a computer memory consisting of an array of magnetic cores
memoria de solo lectura, ROM(computer science) memory whose contents can be accessed and read but cannot be changed
memoria virtual(computer science) memory created by using the hard disk to simulate additional random-access memory
menú del ordenador, menú(computer science) a list of options available to a computer user
nombre del archivo(computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files
núcleo magnético(computer science) a tiny ferrite toroid formerly used in a random access memory to store one bit of data
off-line, offlinenot connected to a computer network
on-lineConnected to a computer network or accessible by computer
ontología(computer science) a rigorous and exhaustive organization of some knowledge domain that is usually hierarchical and contains all the relevant entities and their relations
operación(computer science) data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction)
ordenador principal, servidor(computer science) a computer that provides client stations with access to files and printers / printers as shared resources to a computer network
paquete, programa, software(computer science) written programs or procedures or rules and associated documentation pertaining to the operation of a computer system and that are stored in read/write memory
paquete(computer science) a message or message fragment
paralelo, simultáneoOf or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations
partición de disco, partición(computer science) the part of a hard disk that is dedicated to a particular operating system or application and accessed as a single unit
pel, pixel, píxel(computer science) the smallest discrete component of an image or picture on a CRT screen (usually a colored dot)
pista(computer science) one of the circular magnetic paths on a magnetic disk that serve as a guide for writing and reading data
posicionador(computer science) the actuator that moves a read/write head to the proper data track
primer plano(computer science) a window for an active application
procesamiento de datos(computer science) a series of operations on data by a computer in order to retrieve or transform or classify information
programa de servicio, utilidad(computer science) a program designed for general support of the processes of a computer
programa informático, programa(computer science) a sequence / sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute
programarWrite a computer program
protocolo de comunicación, protocolo(computer science) rules determining the format and transmission of data
rasterizarconvert (an image) into pixels
recuperación(computer science) the operation of accessing information from the computer's memory
red informática, red(computer science) a network of computers
registro(computer science) memory device that is the part of computer memory that has a specific address and that is used to hold information of a specific kind
servidor de archivos(computer science) a digital computer that provides workstations on a network with controlled access to shared resources
sistema de seguridad(computing) a system that enforces boundaries between computer networks
sistema operativo, SO(computer science) software that controls the execution of computer programs and may provide various services
sobrescribirWrite new data on top of existing data and thus erase the previously existing data
standard generalized markup language(computer science) a standardized language for the descriptive markup of documents
subdirectorio(computer science) a directory that is listed in another directory
tarea(computer science) a program application that may consist of several steps but is a single logical unit
teoría de la información(computer science) a statistical theory dealing with the limits and efficiency of information processing
tiempo de acceso(computer science) the interval between the time data is requested by the system and the time the data is provided by the drive
tiempo de ejecución(computer science) the length of time it takes to execute a software program
unidad(computer science) a device that writes data onto or reads data from a storage medium
vaciado de memoria(computer science) a copy of the contents of a computer storage device
ventana(computer science) a rectangular part of a computer screen that contains a display different from the rest of the screen
vídeo(computer science) the appearance of text and graphics on a video display
Categoríacalculadora, calculador, computadora, computador, ordenador, procesador de datos, procesadorA machine for performing calculations automatically
Part decomputación, informática, IPThe sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information
EspecíficoIA, inteligencia artificialThe branch of computer science that deal with writing computer programs that can solve problems creatively
Generalciencia aplicada, ciencias aplicadas, ingeniería, tecnologíaThe discipline dealing with the art or science of applying scientific knowledge to practical problems
Ingléscomputer science, computing
Español > computación: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, cognition
SentidoThe sciences concerned with gathering, manipulating, storing, retrieving, and classifying recorded information.
Sinónimosinformática, IP
Categoría decola(information processing) an ordered list of tasks to be performed or messages to be transmitted
Partescomputación, informática, InformáticaThe branch of engineering science that studies (with the aid of computers) computable processes and structures
Específicocibernética(biology) the field of science concerned with processes of communication and control (especially the comparison of these processes in biological and artificial systems)
Generalciencia, ciencias, disciplina científicaA particular branch of scientific knowledge
Inglésinformation science, informatics, information processing, IP
Cataláninformàtica, IP

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