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Español > 2 sentidos de l'expresión lengua vernácula:
NOMBREcommunicationlengua vernácula, argot, dialecto, jerga, jerigonza, lunfardo, patoisa characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves)
communicationlengua vernácula, dialecto, vernáculothe everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary / literary language)
Español > lengua vernácula: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, communication
SentidoA characteristic language of a particular group (as among thieves).
Sinónimosargot, dialecto, jerga, jerigonza, lunfardo, patois
Generallenguaje no estándarspeech that differs from the usual / usual accepted, easily recognizable speech of native adult members of a speech community
UsoMickey Finnslang term for knockout drops
achispado, ajumado, borracho, ciego, curda, curdela, mamado, pedo, piripí, trompaVery drunk
achuchón, caliqueño, cardar, casquete, chinga, clavo, culo, echar un polvo, follada, follar, fornicar, joder, kiki, mantecao, polvete, polvo, puñetero, revolcónslang for sexual intercourse
aguachirle, bagatela, baratija, basura, bobadas, borra, chorradas, hojarasca, jerigonza, majadería, morralla, paja, tonteríasNonsensical talk or writing
aguantestaying power
asquerosoVery unpleasant or offensive
bandido, malo, villanoThe principal bad character in a film or work of fiction
baqueta, revólverA gangster's pistol
barriga, baúl, panza, tripa, vientreslang for a paunch
benzedrinaA form of amphetamine
blanquito, honkie, honky(slang) offensive names for a White man
bobadas, boloney, chorradas, disparates, tonteríaspretentious or silly talk or writing
boffin, científico(British slang) a scientist or technician engaged in military research
buen tipo(old-fashioned slang) a good person
cabeza de chorlito, cabeza huecaA flighty scatterbrained / scatterbrained simpleton
cadáver, cenizas, cuerpo, fiambre, muerto, restos mortales, restosThe dead body of a human being
caffinformal British term for a cafe
capitán(British slang) boss
carca, carrozarigidly conventional or old-fashioned
cepillo, mostachoslang for a mustache
certezaAn absolute certainty
chorizada, estafa, mangancia, mangueo, robo, timoThe act of stealing
chupada, francés, mamada, peteslang for fellatio
comilonaA large satisfying meal
culo, gilipollasVulgar slang for anus
dago, ginzo, wop(ethnic slur) offensive term for a person of Italian descent
deshacerse, destruir, sacudirse, zafarsethrow away
echarse una mano, manola, masturbación, paja, pajearseslang for masturbation
esenciaenergetic / energetic vitality
gato, orugaA large tracked vehicle that is propelled by two endless metal belts
golpe de efecto, golpe(dated slang) a remarkable or excellent thing or person
hediondez, hedor, peste, pong, tufillo, tufoAn unpleasant smell
hymie, judío, yid(ethnic slur) offensive term for a Jew
indio, piel roja(slang) offensive term for Native Americans
juego de guerraDrill on a barracks square
luzelectric current
manzana podrida(old-fashioned slang) a bad person
marimacho(of male or female homosexuals) characterized by stereotypically male traits or appearance
marimacho(slang) offensive term for a lesbian who is noticeably masculine
necedades, puro cuento, rollo, tonteríasSenseless talk
nick(British slang) a prison
palmarlaBe killed / killed or die
película verdeA pornographic movie
putadaAn unpleasant difficulty
sobarpass one's hands over the sexual organs of
spik(ethnic slur) offensive term for persons of Latin American descent
swizBritish slang for a swindle
viejo(slang) boss
wog(offensive British slang) term used by the British to refer to people of color from Africa or Asia
Inglésslang, cant, jargon, lingo, argot, patois, vernacular
Catalánargot, cant, llengua vernacla
Adjetivoargot, jergaconstituting or expressed in slang or given to the use of slang
Español > lengua vernácula: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, communication
SentidoThe everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary / literary language).
Sinónimosdialecto, vernáculo
Generallenguaje no estándarspeech that differs from the usual / usual accepted, easily recognizable speech of native adult members of a speech community
Catalánllengua vernacla
Adjetivobastardo, espurioOf or containing a mixture of Latin words and vernacular words jumbled together
común, ordinario, vernacular, vernáculo, vulgarBeing or characteristic of or appropriate to everyday language

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