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Español > 7 sentidos de la palabra escabullirse:
VERBOmotionescabullirse, caminar de puntillasto go stealthily or furtively
motionescabullirse, deslizarse, deslizarmove stealthily
motionescabullirse, corretearto move about or proceed hurriedly
motionescabullirsewalk stealthily
changeescabullirse, desaparecer, esfumarse, hacerse humo, largarse(idiom) disappear without notifying anyone
motionescabullirseleave furtively and stealthily
socialescabullirseput, bring, or take in a secretive or furtive manner
Español > escabullirse: 7 sentidos > verbo 1, motion
SentidoTo go stealthily or furtively.
Sinónimocaminar de puntillas
Generalandar, caminar, ir, pasearUse one's feet to advance
TambiénescabullirseLeave furtively and stealthily
Ingléssneak, mouse, creep, pussyfoot
Catalánanar de puntetes, escapolir-se, esquitllar-se
Nombresbicho raro, espectro, estrafalario, rarito, tipo rarosomeone unpleasantly strange or eccentric
merodeador, rondadorsomeone who prowls or sneaks about
Español > escabullirse: 7 sentidos > verbo 2, motion
SentidoMove stealthily.
Sinónimosdeslizarse, deslizar
Generalmoverse, mover, trasladarMove so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion
Tambiéndeslizarse, esfumarse, pasar, seguir, transcurrir, trascurrirpass by
escabullirseLeave furtively and stealthily
Ingléssteal, slip
Catalándislocar, esmunyir, fer lliscar
Nombrescautela, disimulo, sigiloavoiding detection by moving carefully
derrapada, derrape, deslizamiento lateral, patinazo, resbalónAn unexpected slide
elusiónThe act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)
Español > escabullirse: 7 sentidos > verbo 3, motion
SentidoTo move about or proceed hurriedly.
GeneralcorrerMove fast by using one's feet, with one foot off the ground at any given time
Inglésscurry, scamper, skitter, scuttle
Catalánbarrinar, escapolir-se, esquitllar-se
Nombrescarrera rápida, correteorushing about hastily in an undignified way
Español > escabullirse: 7 sentidos > verbo 4, motion
Sentidowalk stealthily.
Generalandar, caminar, ir, pasearUse one's feet to advance
Catalánescapolir-se, esquitllar-se
Español > escabullirse: 7 sentidos > verbo 5, change
Sentido(idiom) disappear without notifying anyone.
Sinónimosdesaparecer, esfumarse, hacerse humo, largarse
Generaldesaparecer, desvancerse, disiparse, esfumarseGet lost, as without warning or explanation
Inglésskip town, take a powder
Catalándesaparèixer, esfumar-se
Español > escabullirse: 7 sentidos > verbo 6, motion
SentidoLeave furtively and stealthily.
Generaldejar, irse, ir, marchar, partir, salirgo away from a place
Tambiéncaminar de puntillas, escabullirseTo go stealthily or furtively
deslizarse, deslizar, escabullirseMove stealthily
deslizarseMove smoothly and easily
Inglésslip away, steal away, sneak away, sneak off, sneak out
Español > escabullirse: 7 sentidos > verbo 7, social
Sentidoput, bring, or take in a secretive or furtive manner.
Generalactuar, hacer, llevar a cabo, obrarPerform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
Catalánescapolir-se, esquitllar-se

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