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English > 3 senses of the word athletics:
NOUNactathletics, sportan active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition
eventathletics, athletic contest, athletic competitiona contest between athletes
actathleticsparticipation in sports events as an extracurricular activity
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English > athletics: 3 senses > noun 1, act
MeaningAn active diversion requiring physical exertion and competition.
Category ofEnglish, side(sports) the spin given to a ball by striking it on one side or releasing it with a sharp twist
RollerbladeTravel on shoes with a single line of rubber / rubber wheels attached to their soles
at homeOn the home team's field
average(sports) the ratio of successful performances to opportunities
awayUsed of an opponent's ground
backpack, packhike with a backpack
bandytoss or strike a ball back and forth
bench warmer(sports) a substitute who seldom plays
birling, logrollingrotating a log rapidly in the water (as a competitive sport)
bobsled, bobride a bobsled
boxEngage in a boxing match
call(sports) the decision made by an umpire or referee
callIndicate a decision in regard to
canoetravel by canoe
coach, manager, handler(sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
curlPlay the Scottish game / game of curling
cuthit (a ball) with a spin so that it turns in the opposite direction
daisy cutterA batted or served ball that skims along close to the ground
defendingattempting to or designed to prevent an opponent from winning or scoring
defense, defence, defending team(sports) the team that is trying to prevent the other team from scoring
deficit(sports) the score by which a team or individual is losing
disqualifiedbarred from competition for violation of rules
double-teamCover with two defensive players
downbring down or defeat (an opponent)
downfieldToward or in the defending team's end of the playing field
downfieldToward or in the defending team's end of the playing field
dribble, carrypropel, "Carry the ball"
driveHit very hard, as by swinging a bat horizontally
dropLose (a game / game / game)
fieldPlay as a fielder / fielder
figure skatedance on skates
follow throughcarry a stroke to natural completion after hitting or releasing a ball
foulAn act that violates the rules of a sport
free agency(sports) the state of a professional athlete who is free to negotiate a contract to play for any team
free agent(sports) a professional athlete who is free to sign a contract to play for any team
game plan(sports) a plan for achieving an objective in some sport
hikewalk a long way, as for pleasure or physical exercise
homeUsed of your own ground
hurdleJump a hurdle
ice skateMove along on ice skates
ineligibleprohibited by official rules
iron man, ironmanA strong man of exceptional physical endurance
jackknifedive into the water bending the body at the waist at a right angle, like a jackknife
jogRun for exercise
kayakTravel in a small canoe
kickDrive or propel with the foot
killhit with great force
killhit with so much force as to make a return impossible, in racket games / games
lead(sports) the score by which a team or individual is winning
legalAllowed by official rules
loose(of a ball in sport) not in the possession or control of any player
most-valuableDesignating the player judged to be the most important to the sport
mountaineerclimb mountains for pleasure as a sport
offside, offsidesillegally beyond a prescribed line or area or ahead of the ball or puck
offside(sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.)
one-on-one, man-to-manA system of play in which an individual defensive player guards an individual offensive player
onsidenot offside
out of play(of a ball) "a ball that is out of play is dead"
outclassCause to appear in a lower class
overhand, overhanded, overarmWith hand brought ... / brought forward and down from above shoulder level
paddlepropel with a paddle
pass, toss, flip(sports) the act of throwing the ball to another member of your team
personal foulA foul that involves unnecessarily rough contact (as in basketball or football)
position(in team sports) the role assigned to an individual player
possession(sport) the act of controlling the ball (or puck)
press boxbox reserved for reporters (as at a sports event)
prizefightbox for a prize / prize or money
puntKick the ball
rackethit (a ball) with a racket
rappel, abseil, rope downlower oneself with a rope coiled around the body from a mountainside
referee, ref(sports) the chief official (as in boxing or American football) who is expected to ensure fair play
referee, umpireBe a referee or umpire in a sports competition
regulation time(sports) the normal prescribed duration of a game
ride the bench, warm the benchBe out of the game / game / game
roller skateTravel on shoes with steel or rubber / rubber rollers attached to their soles
runRun with the ball
runmake without a miss
save(sports) the act of preventing the opposition from scoring
schussski downhill
scout, talent scoutsomeone employed to discover and recruit talented persons (especially in the worlds of entertainment or sports)
scullpropel with sculls
seedDistribute (players or teams) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds
series(sports) several contests played successively by the same teams
shadowboxGo through boxing motions without an opponent
shooter(sports) a player who drives or kicks a ball at the goal (or a basketball player who shoots at the basket)
sit outnot participate in (an activity, such as a dance or a sports event)
skateMove along on skates
skateboardride on a flat board with rollers attached to the bottom
skiMove along on skis
ski jumpjump on skis
skin-diveswim underwater with no breathing apparatus other than a snorkel
sled, sleighride (on) a sled
snorkeldive with a snorkel
sparbox lightly
sparfight with spurs
speed skaterace on skates
spread-eagleexecute a spread eagle on skates, with arms and legs stretched out
startPlay in the starting lineup
stroke, shot(sports) the act of swinging or striking at a ball with a club or racket or bat or cue or hand
submarinebring down with a blow to the legs
sudden death(sports) overtime in which play is stopped as soon as one contestant scores
surfboard, surfride the waves of the sea with a surfboard
surgeSee one's performance improve
timekeeper, timer(sports) an official who keeps track of the time elapsed
toboggan, lugeMove along on a luge or toboggan
trampTravel on foot, especially on a walking expedition
trial(sports) a preliminary competition to determine qualifications
tuck(sports) a bodily position adopted in some sports (such as diving or skiing) in which the knees are bent and the thighs are drawn close to the chest
turn, bout, round(sports) a division during which one team is on the offensive
underhand, underhanded, underarmWith hand brought forward and up from below shoulder level
upfieldaway from the defending teams' end of the playing field
water skiride water skis
windsurfride standing on a surfboard with an attached sail, on water
wipeoutA spill in some sport (as a fall from a bicycle or while skiing or being capsized on a surfboard)
won-lost record(sports) a record of win versus losses
NarrowerarcheryThe sport of shooting arrows with a bow
athletic gameA game / game involving athletic activity
blood sportsport that involves killing animals (especially hunting)
contact sportA sport that necessarily involves body contact between opposing players
cyclingThe sport of traveling on a bicycle or motorcycle
funambulism, tightrope walkingwalking on a tightrope or slack rope
gymnastics, gymnastic exerciseA sport that involves exercises intended to display strength and balance and agility
judoA sport adapted from jujitsu (using principles of not resisting) and similar to wrestling
outdoor sport, field sportA sport that is played outdoors
racingThe sport of engaging in contests of speed
riding, horseback riding, equitationThe sport of siting on the back of a horse while controlling its movements
rock climbingThe sport or pastime of scaling rock masses on mountain sides (especially with the help of ropes and special equipment)
rowing, rowThe act of rowing as a sport
skatingThe sport of gliding on skates
skiingA sport in which participants must travel on skis
sleddingThe sport of riding on a sled or sleigh
spectator sportA sport that many people find entertaining to watch
team sportA sport that involves competition between teams of players
track and fieldparticipating in athletic sports performed on a running track or on the field associated with it
water sport, aquaticssports that involve bodies of water
Broaderdiversion, recreationAn activity that diverts or amuses or stimulates / stimulates
Spanishatletismo, deporte, deportes
Catalanatletisme, esport
Adjectivesathleticrelating to or befitting athletics or athletes
athleticvigorously active
English > athletics: 3 senses > noun 2, event
MeaningA contest between athletes.
Synonymsathletic contest, athletic competition
NarrowerOlympic Games, Olympics, OlympiadThe modern revival of the ancient games / games held once every 4 years in a selected country
Special OlympicsAn athletic contest modeled after the Olympic Games but intended for mentally or physically handicapped persons
decathlonAn athletic contest consisting of ten different events
meet, sports meetingA meeting at which a number of athletic contests are held
pentathlonAn athletic contest consisting of five different events
preliminary, prelimA minor match preceding the main event
triple jump, hop-step-and-jumpAn athletic contest in which a competitor must perform successively a hop and a step and a jump in continuous movement
tug-of-warA contest in which teams pull of opposite ends of a rope
Broadercontest, competitionAn occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants
Spanishatletismo, competición atlética, concurso atlético
Catalancompetició atlètica, concurs atlètic
English > athletics: 3 senses > noun 3, act
Meaningparticipation in sports events as an extracurricular activity.
Broaderextracurricular activityeducational activities not falling within the scope of the regular curriculum

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