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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra tenencia:
NOMBREacttenencia, posesión, propiedadthe act of having and controlling property
acttenencia, alquiler, arrendamiento, inquilinato, ocupaciónan act of being a tenant or occupant
possessiontenencia, posesiónthe right to hold property
acttenenciathe position of a lieutenant / lieutenant / lieutenant
possessiontenenciaownership of land
Español > tenencia: 5 sentidos > nombre 1, act
SentidoThe act of having and controlling property.
Sinónimosposesión, propiedad
Específicoholding, retenciónThe act of retaining something
GeneralcontrolThe activity of managing or exerting control over something
Ingléspossession, ownership
Catalánpertinença, possessió, propietat, tinença
Nombresama, amo, dueña, dueño, poseedora, poseedor, posesora, posesor, propietaria, propietarioA person who owns something
ama, amo, dueña, dueño, propietaria, propietario(law) someone who owns (is legal possessor of) a business
Verbosdisfrutar, participar, poseer, quedar, tenerHave ownership or possession of
Español > tenencia: 5 sentidos > nombre 2, act
SentidoAn act of being a tenant or occupant.
Sinónimosalquiler, arrendamiento, inquilinato, ocupación
Específicoasentamiento, habitación, poblamientoThe act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men)
Generalalojamiento, residenciaThe act of dwelling in a place
Inglésoccupancy, tenancy
Catalánarrendament, inquilinat, tenència, tinença
Nombresarrendataria, arrendatario, inquilino, locataria, locatariosomeone who pays rent to use land or a building or a car that is owned by someone else
arrendatario, inquilinoAny occupant who dwells in a place
ocupante, residentesomeone who lives at a particular place for a prolonged period or who was born there
Verbosresidir, vivirLive (in a certain place)
Español > tenencia: 5 sentidos > nombre 3, possession
SentidoThe right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands.
Generalderecho legalA right based in law
Ingléstenure, land tenure
Español > tenencia: 5 sentidos > nombre 4, act
SentidoThe position of a lieutenant / lieutenant / lieutenant.
Generalcargo, lugar, oficina, posición, puestoA job in an organization
NombreslugartenienteAn assistant with power to act when his superior is absent
tenienteAn officer holding a commissioned rank in the United States Navy or the United States Coast Guard
tenienteA commissioned military officer
teniente de policía, tenienteAn officer in a police force
Español > tenencia: 5 sentidos > nombre 5, possession
Sentidoownership of land; the state or fact of owning land.
GeneralpropiedadThe relation of an owner to the thing possessed

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