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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra siniestro:
ADJETIVOallsiniestro, corrupto, negro, obscuro, oscuro, perversostemming from evil characteristics / characteristics or forces
allsiniestro, agorero, amenazador, amenazante, funesto, ominosothreatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments
allsiniestro, funestodeadly or sinister
NOMBREeventsiniestro, calamidad, cataclismo, catástrofe, desastre, hecatombe, tragediaan event resulting in great loss and misfortune
Español > siniestro: 4 sentidos > adjetivo 1
Sentidostemming from evil characteristics / characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable.
Sinónimoscorrupto, negro, obscuro, oscuro, perverso
Generalmal, maléfico, malévolo, malo, malvado, perjudicialmorally bad or wrong
Inglésblack, dark, sinister
Catalánnegre, obscur
Nombresiniquidad, maldadabsence of moral or spiritual values
Español > siniestro: 4 sentidos > adjetivo 2
Sentidothreatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments.
Sinónimosagorero, amenazador, amenazante, funesto, ominoso
GeneralalarmanteFrightening because of an awareness of danger
Inglésbaleful, forbidding, menacing, minacious, minatory, ominous, sinister, threatening
Catalánamenaçador, ominós, sinistre
Nombresagüero, anuncio, augurio, auspicio, premonición, presagio, pronósticoA sign of something about to happen
maleficenciaThe quality or nature of being harmful or evil
Adverbiosamenazadoramente, amenazantemente, ominosamente, siniestramenteIn a menacing manner
Español > siniestro: 4 sentidos > adjetivo 3
Sentidodeadly or sinister.
Generalmaléficoharmful or evil in intent or effect
Inglésbaleful, baneful
Catalánfunest, sinistre
NombresmaleficenciaThe quality or nature of being harmful or evil
Español > siniestro: 4 sentidos > nombre 1, event
SentidoAn event resulting in great loss and misfortune.
Sinónimoscalamidad, cataclismo, catástrofe, desastre, hecatombe, tragedia
EspecíficoapocalipsisA cosmic cataclysm in which God destroys the ruling powers of evil
caso fortuito, fuerza mayorA natural and unavoidable catastrophe that interrupts the expected course of events
hambre, hambrunaA severe shortage / shortage of food (as through crop failure) resulting in violent hunger and starvation and death
hecatombeA disaster comparable / comparable to a nuclear meltdown
maremotoAn unusual (and often destructive) rise of water along the seashore caused by a storm or a combination of wind and high tide
maremoto, tsunamiA cataclysm resulting from a destructive sea wave caused by an earthquake or volcanic eruption
visitaAny disaster or catastrophe
Generaldesgracia, infortunio, mala suerte, travésunnecessary and unforeseen trouble resulting from an unfortunate / unfortunate event
Ingléscalamity, catastrophe, disaster, tragedy, cataclysm
Cataláncalamitat, cataclisme, catàstrofe, daltabaix, desastre, tragèdia
Adjetivocalamitoso, catastrófico, desastrosa, desastroso, desgraciada, funesto, lastimoso, negro, ruinoso(of events) having extremely unfortunate or dire consequences
catastrófico, devastadorseverely destructive
trágicoVery sad

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