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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra vibrar:
VERBOmotionvibrarshake, quiver, or throb
motionvibrar, oscilarmove or swing from side to side regularly
motionvibrar, aletear, estremecerse, ondear, oscilar, parpadear, revolotear, temblar, vacilarmove back and forth very rapidly
motionvibrar, estremecerse, estremecer, latir, palpitar, temblar, tiritartremble convulsively, as from fear or excitement / excitement
Español > vibrar: 4 sentidos > verbo 1, motion
Sentidoshake, quiver, or throb; move back and forth rapidly, usually in an uncontrolled manner.
Específicoagitar, convulsionar, sacudirse, sacudir, zarandearshake or vibrate rapidly and intensively
temblar, tiritartremble or shake
Generalmoverse, mover, trasladarMove so as to change position, perform a nontranslational motion
Nombrescimbreo, palpitación, temblor, trepidación, vibraciónA shaky motion
vibradormechanical device that produces vibratory motion
Español > vibrar: 4 sentidos > verbo 2, motion
SentidoMove or swing from side to side regularly.
Generalcolumpiarse, contonearse, inclinarseMove or walk in a swinging or swaying manner
Inglésoscillate, vibrate
Catalánfluctuar, oscil·lar, vibrar
AdjetivooscilatorioHaving periodic vibrations
NombrescicloA single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon
oscilación, vibración(physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean
temblor, vibraciónThe act of vibrating
vibradorA mechanical device that vibrates
Español > vibrar: 4 sentidos > verbo 3, motion
Sentidomove back and forth very rapidly.
Sinónimosaletear, estremecerse, ondear, oscilar, parpadear, revolotear, temblar, vacilar
Inglésflicker, waver, flitter, flutter, quiver
Catalánestremir-se, onejar, oscil·lar, trémer, tremolar, vacil·lar, vibrar
Nombresagitación, aleteo, revoloteo, revueloThe motion made by flapping up and down
parpadeo, pestañeo, vacilaciónThe act of moving back and forth
Español > vibrar: 4 sentidos > verbo 4, motion
Sentidotremble convulsively, as from fear or excitement / excitement.
Sinónimosestremecerse, estremecer, latir, palpitar, temblar, tiritar
Generalestremecerse, temblar, trepidarMove or jerk quickly and involuntarily up and down or sideways
Inglésshudder, shiver, throb, thrill
Catalánbategar, tremolar, vibrar
Nombresemoción, escalofrío, espeluzno, estremecimiento, hormigueo, tiritónAn almost pleasurable sensation of fright
estremecimiento, temblorAn involuntary vibration (as if from illness or fear)

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