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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula designació:
NOMactdesignació, assignació, nomenamentthe act of putting a person into a non-elective position
actdesignació, identificacióthe act of designating or identifying something
Català > designació: 2 sentits > nom 1, act
SentitThe act of putting a person into a non-elective position.
Sinònimsassignació, nomenament
EspecíficcooptacióThe act of appointing summarily (with or without the appointee's / appointee's consent)
delegacióThe appointment of a delegate
ordenacióThe act of ordaining
Generaldecisió, determinació, resolucióThe act of making up your mind about something
Anglèsappointment, assignment, designation, naming
Espanyolasignación, designación, nombramiento
Verbsanomenar, designar, dir, nomenar, nominar, posar, proposarcreate and charge with a task or function
anomenar, designar, dir, fer, nominar, posar, proposarCharge with a function
assignar, delegar, designarGive an assignment to (a person) to a post, or assign a task to (a person)
Català > designació: 2 sentits > nom 2, act
SentitThe act of designating or identifying something.
Específicdiagnosi, diagnòsticidentifying the nature / nature or cause of some phenomenon
GeneraltroballaThe act of determining the properties of something, usually by research or calculation
Anglèsdesignation, identification
Espanyoldesignación, identificación
Verbsdenominar, descobrir, descriure, identificaridentify as in botany or biology, for example
denominar, designarAssign a name or title / title to
identificarconceive of as united or associated
identificarGive the name or identifying characteristics / characteristics of

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