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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra grato:
ADJETIVOallgrato, agradableconforming to your own liking or feelings or nature
allgrato, agradable, placentero, simpáticoaffording pleasure
allgrato, afable, agradable, amable, complacientedisposed to please
allgrato, agradable, gratificante, placenteroaffording satisfaction or pleasure
allgrato, reconfortantecausing gladness and pleasure
Español > grato: 5 sentidos > adjetivo 1
Sentidoconforming to your own liking or feelings or nature.
Tambiénagradable, grato, placentero, simpáticoaffording pleasure
Contrariodesagradable, fastidioso, malévolo, molestonot to your liking
Catalánagradable, grat
Nombresagrado, amenidad, comodidad, placerpleasantness resulting from agreeable conditions
amabilidadA temperamental disposition to be agreeable
AdverbiosagradablementeIn an enjoyable manner
Español > grato: 5 sentidos > adjetivo 2
Sentidoaffording pleasure; being in harmony / harmony with your taste or likings.
Sinónimosagradable, placentero, simpático
Cualidad decarácter agradableThe quality of giving pleasure
Específicoagradable, gratificante, grato, placenteroaffording satisfaction or pleasure
agradecidoaffording comfort or pleasure
bella, hermoso, maravilloso, precioso(of weather) highly enjoyable
dulceExtremely pleasant in a gentle way
idílicoSuggestive of an idyll
Tambiénagradable, placentero, satisfactorioGiving pleasure and satisfaction
agradable, gratoconforming to your own liking or feelings or nature
agradable, bonito, simpáticoPleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance
estéticoConcerning or characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
Contrarioantipático, desagradable, desapacible, grosero, insultante, ofensivoDisagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings
Nombrescarácter agradableThe quality of giving pleasure
goce, placerA fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience
AdverbiosagradablementeIn an enjoyable manner
Verbosagradar, complacer, deleitarse, deleitar, disfrutar, encantar, gustar, halagarGive pleasure to or be pleasing to
Español > grato: 5 sentidos > adjetivo 3
Sentidodisposed to please.
Sinónimosafable, agradable, amable, complaciente
Inglésamiable, good-humored, good-humoured
Catalánafable, agradable, agradós, amable, complaent
Nombresafabilidad, agrado, amabilidad, bonhomía, campechanería, condescendenciaA disposition to be friendly and approachable (easy to talk to)
amabilidad, buen carácter, buen humorA cheerful and agreeable mood
Español > grato: 5 sentidos > adjetivo 4
Sentidoaffording satisfaction or pleasure.
Sinónimosagradable, gratificante, placentero
Generalagradable, grato, placentero, simpáticoaffording pleasure
Inglésenjoyable, gratifying, pleasurable
Catalánagradable, grat, gratificant, plaent, plaïble
AdverbiosagradablementeIn an enjoyable manner
agradablemente, apetitosamente, deliciosamente, encantadoramente, gratificantemente, gustosamente, placenteramente, ricamente, sabrosamenteIn a very pleasurable manner
Español > grato: 5 sentidos > adjetivo 5
SentidoCausing gladness and pleasure.
GeneralconmovedorArousing or capable of arousing deep emotion

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