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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra ofrecerse:
VERBOpossessionofrecerse, brindar, ofertar, ofrecerpresent for acceptance or rejection
socialofrecerse, delegar, subrogar, sustituiract as a substitute
socialofrecerse, ofreceragree / agree freely
communicationofrecerse, abordar, enganchar, ofrecer sexo, venderseapproach with an offer of sexual favors
socialofrecersedo volunteer work
Español > ofrecerse: 5 sentidos > verbo 1, possession
SentidoPresent for acceptance or rejection.
Sinónimosbrindar, ofertar, ofrecer
Específicodarproffer (a body part)
licitar, ofrecermake a tender of
Generaldar, dispensar, donar, entregar, otorgar, propinar, regalartransfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody
Inglésoffer, proffer
Catalánbrindar, oferir-se, oferir
Nombresoferente, ofertantesomeone who presents something to another for acceptance or rejection
oferta, ofrecimientoThe verbal / verbal / verbal act of offering
ofrecimiento, proposición, propuesta, sugerenciaA proposal offered for acceptance or rejection
Español > ofrecerse: 5 sentidos > verbo 2, social
Sentidoact as a substitute.
Sinónimosdelegar, subrogar, sustituir
Específicocubrirhelp out by taking someone's place and temporarily assuming his responsibilities
Generalreemplazar, substituir, suplantar, sustituirTake the place or move into the position of
Ingléssubstitute, deputize, deputise, step in
Nombresayudante del shérifsomeone authorized to exercise the powers of sheriff in emergencies
doble, substituto, suplente, sustitutosomeone who takes the place of another (as when things get dangerous or difficult)
lugartenienteAn assistant with power to act when his superior is absent
reserva, suplenteAn athlete who plays only when a starter on the team is replaced
suplente, sustitutoA person appointed to represent or act on behalf of others
Español > ofrecerse: 5 sentidos > verbo 3, social
Sentidoagree / agree freely.
Generalactuar, hacer, llevar a cabo, obrarPerform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
Inglésvolunteer, offer
Nombresoferta, ofrecimientoThe verbal / verbal / verbal act of offering
Español > ofrecerse: 5 sentidos > verbo 4, communication
Sentidoapproach with an offer of sexual favors.
Sinónimosabordar, enganchar, ofrecer sexo, venderse
Generalbrindar, entregar, ofrecermake available or accessible, provide or furnish
Similaratraer, engancharentice and trap
Ingléshook, solicit, accost
Catalánabordar, importunar, seduir, vendre's
Español > ofrecerse: 5 sentidos > verbo 5, social
SentidoDo volunteer work.
Generalesforzarse, trabajarExert oneself by doing mental or physical work for a purpose or out of necessity
Catalánoferir-se, oferir
Nombresvoluntario(military) a person who freely enlists for service
voluntarioA person who performs voluntary work

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