HyperDic: importunar

Català > 2 sentits de la paraula importunar:
VERBcommunicationimportunar, insistirbeg persistently and urgently
communicationimportunar, abordar, seduir, vendre'sapproach with an offer of sexual favors
Català > importunar: 2 sentits > verb 1, communication
Sentitbeg persistently and urgently.
Generalimplorar, pregar, resar, suplicarCall upon in supplication
Anglèsimportune, insist
Espanyolimportunar, insistir
Nomsinsistènciacontinual and persistent demands
Català > importunar: 2 sentits > verb 2, communication
Sentitapproach with an offer of sexual favors.
Sinònimsabordar, seduir, vendre's
Generaloferir-se, oferirmake available or accessible, provide or furnish
Anglèshook, solicit, accost
Espanyolabordar, enganchar, ofrecerse, ofrecer sexo, venderse
NomstemptacióThe act of enticing a person to do something wrong (as an offer of sex in return for money)

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