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Español > 1 sentido de la palabra barcos:
NOMBREartifactbarcos, barca, barco, bote, embarcación, navea small vessel for travel on water
Español > barcos: 1 sentido > nombre 1, artifact
SentidoA small vessel for travel on water.
Sinónimosbarca, barco, bote, embarcación, nave
Categoría debordearTurn into the wind
impulsar con espadillapropel with sculls
pasajeroA traveler riding in a vehicle (a boat or bus or car or plane or train etc) who is not operating it
pontón(nautical) a floating structure (as a flat-bottomed boat) that serves as a dock or to support a bridge
registrado(of a boat or vessel) furnished with necessary official documents specifying ownership etc
Específicoarca de Noé, arcaA boat built by Noah to save his family and animals from the flood
barca, barcaza, bombo, gabarra, hoy, lanchón, pangaA flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals)
barca, barco, batel, boteA boat that is small
barca de provisionesA small boat that ferries supplies and commodities for sale to a larger / larger ship at anchor
barco, ferri, ferry, transbordadorA boat that transports / transports people or vehicles across a body of water and operates on a regular schedule
barco de vapor, vaporA boat propelled by a steam engine
bateaAn open flat-bottomed boat used in shallow waters and propelled by a long pole
bote del prácticoA boat to carry pilots to and from large ships
catamaránA sailboat with two parallel hulls held together by single deck
cañonera, cañonero, lancha cañoneraA small shallow-draft boat carrying mounted guns
embarcación de correo, mailboat, paqueboteA boat for carrying mail / mail
fireboatA boat equipped to fight fires on ships or along a waterfront
guardacostasA boat that is on guard duty (as in a harbor) around a fleet of warships
góndolalong narrow flat-bottomed boat propelled by sculling / sculling
juncoAny of various Chinese boats with a high poop and lugsails
lancha de motor, lancha motora, lancha, motonave, motoraA boat propelled by an internal-combustion engine
lugresmall fishing boat rigged with one or more lugsails
pinazaA boat for communication between ship and shore
remolcadorA powerful small boat designed to pull or push larger / larger ships
surfboatA boat that can be launched or landed in heavy surf
Generalbarco, embarcación, vasoA craft designed for water transportation / transportation
Catalánbarca, embarcació, vaixell
Verbosir en barcoride in a boat on water

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