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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra atraco:
NOMBREactatraco, robolarceny by threat / threat of violence
actatraco, demora, retrasothe act of delaying
actatraco, asalto, atraco a mano armada, robo armadorobbery at gunpoint
actatraco, asalto, sirlaassault with intent to rob
Español > atraco: 4 sentidos > nombre 1, act
Sentidolarceny by threat / threat of violence.
Específicoasalto, atraco a mano armada, atraco, robo armadorobbery at gunpoint
chorizada, estafa, mangancia, mangueo, robo, timoThe act of stealing
delito común, trabajitoA crime (especially a robbery)
Generalalzado, desvalijamiento, hurto, latrocinio, robo, substracción, sustracciónThe act of taking something from someone unlawfully
Verbosatracar, robartake something away by force or without the consent of the owner
Español > atraco: 4 sentidos > nombre 2, act
SentidoThe act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time.
Sinónimosdemora, retraso
Específicoaplazamiento, diferimiento, dilación, postergación, prórrogaAct of putting off to a future time
desaceleraciónThe act of slowing ... / slowing down or falling behind
desidia, procastinación, procrastinaciónThe act of procrastinating
frivolidadThe deliberate act of delaying and playing instead of working
interrupción, paréntesis, pausaAn act of delaying or interrupting the continuity
obstrucción(law) a tactic for delaying or obstructing legislation / legislation by making long speeches
tardanzaThe act of tarrying
Inglésdelay, holdup
Catalándemora, retard
Verbosatrasar, demorarCause to be slowed ... / slowed down or delayed
contener, refrenarSlow the growth or development of
demorar, detener, diferir, retrasarstop or halt
Español > atraco: 4 sentidos > nombre 3, act
Sentidorobbery at gunpoint.
Sinónimosasalto, atraco a mano armada, robo armado
Generalatraco, robolarceny by threat / threat of violence
Inglésarmed robbery, heist, holdup, stickup
Catalánassalt a mà armada, assaltament a mà armada, assaltament, assalt, atracament a mà armada, atracament
Verbosasaltarrob at gunpoint or by means of some other threat
desvalijar, hurtar, robarcommit a burglary
Español > atraco: 4 sentidos > nombre 4, act
Sentidoassault with intent to rob.
Sinónimosasalto, sirla
Generalasalto, atentadoA threatened or attempted physical attack by someone who appears to be able to cause bodily harm if not stopped
Verbosasaltar, atracarrob at gunpoint or with the threat / threat of violence

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