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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula esquelet:
NOMartifactesquelet, armadura, carcassaa structure supporting or containing something
bodyesquelet, carcanada, carcassa, estructura, systema skeletalethe hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal
bodyesquelet, ossadaany structure created by the skeleton of an organism
Català > esquelet: 3 sentits > nom 1, artifact
SentitA structure supporting or containing something.
Sinònimsarmadura, carcassa
EspecíficbaiardA rectangular frame with handles at both ends
bastidor, marcThe enclosing frame around a door or window opening
bastidorA wooden framework on which canvas is stretched and fixed for oil painting
bastiment de la finestraThe framework that supports a window
calat, gelosiaframework consisting of an ornamental design made of strips of wood or metal
caminador, carrutxesAn enclosing framework on casters or wheels
cavallet, cavallet per a serrarA framework for holding wood that is being sawed
dosser, sanefaA decorative framework to conceal curtain fixtures at the top of a window casing
encanyissada, encanyissatframework consisting of stakes interwoven with branches to form a fence
enramada, parral, pèrgolaA framework that supports climbing plants
estenedor plegableA framework on which to hang clothes (as for drying)
finestraA framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air
graella, graellesA framework of metal bars used as a partition or a grate
llevapedres, pilot, rascle davanterAn inclined metal frame at the front of a locomotive to clear the track
marcA framework in which a picture / picture is mounted
marc de finestra corredísA framework that holds the panes of a window in the window frame
marc de la portaThe frame that supports a door / door
montura, suportframework used for support or display
mènsula, permòdolA framework of beams (rafters, posts, struts) forming a rigid structure that supports a roof or bridge or other structure
polissó, polissonA framework worn at the back below the waist for giving fullness to a woman's skirt
reixaA frame of iron bars to hold a fire
ruscA framework of hexagonal cells resembling the honeycomb built by bees
suportA framework of steel bars raised on side supports to bridge over or around something
torre de perforacióA framework erected over an oil well to allow drill tubes to be raised and lowered
tren d'aterratgeframework that serves as a support for the body of a vehicle
xassís d'avióThe framework and covering of an airplane or rocket (excluding the engines)
Anglèsframework, frame
Espanyolarmadura, armazón, carcasa, infraestructura
Català > esquelet: 3 sentits > nom 2, body
SentitThe hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal.
Sinònimscarcanada, carcassa, estructura, systema skeletale
Partsesquelet, ossadaAny structure created by the skeleton of an organism
Específicdermatosquelet, exosqueletThe exterior protective or supporting structure or shell of many animals (especially invertebrates) including bony or horny parts such as nails or scales or hoofs
endoesqueleto, endosquelet, neurosqueletThe internal skeleton
Generalaparell, sistemaA group of physiologically or anatomically related organs or parts
Anglèsskeletal system, skeleton, frame, systema skeletale
Espanyolarmazón, esqueleto, estructura, osamenta, sistema esquelético, systema skeletale
AdjectiusesquelèticOf or relating to or forming or attached to a skeleton
musculosquelèticrelating to muscles and skeleton
Català > esquelet: 3 sentits > nom 3, body
SentitAny structure created by the skeleton of an organism.
Part decarcanada, carcassa, esquelet, estructura, systema skeletaleThe hard structure (bones and cartilages) that provides a frame for the body of an animal
EspecíficarcA curved bony structure supporting or enclosing organs (especially the inner sides of the feet)
caixa toràcicaThe bony enclosing wall of the chest
columna vertebral, espinada, espina dorsal, esquena, raquis, rosariThe series of vertebrae forming the axis of the skeleton and protecting the spinal cord
esquelet axialThe part of the skeleton that includes the skull and spinal column and sternum and ribs
metacarpThe part of the hand between the carpus and phalanges
metatarsThe skeleton of the human foot between the toes and the tarsus
retaló, talóThe back part of the human foot
tars, TarsThe part of the foot of a vertebrate between the metatarsus and the leg
Generalestructura anatòmica, estructuraA particular complex anatomical part of a living thing
Anglèsskeletal structure
Espanyolesqueleto, osamenta

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