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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra abrasarse:
VERBOchangeabrasarse, abrasar, incendiar, quemarse, quemarburn with heat, fire, or radiation
socialabrasarse, incendiarburn at the stake
Español > abrasarse: 2 sentidos > verbo 1, change
SentidoBurn with heat, fire, or radiation.
Sinónimosabrasar, incendiar, quemarse, quemar
Específicoachicharrar, carbonizar, chamuscar, requemarBurn slightly and superficially so as to affect color / color
cauterizar, foguear, incendiarBurn, sear, or freeze (tissue) using a hot iron or electric current or a caustic agent
escaldarse, escaldar, quemarBurn with a hot liquid / liquid or steam
Generaldañar, estropear, romperinflict damage / damage upon
Catalánabrasar, cremar-se, cremar, incendiar, rostir-se, rostir
Adjetivoinflamablecapable of burning
Nombresquemaduradamage inflicted by fire
quemaduraA place or area that has been burned (especially on a person's body)
Español > abrasarse: 2 sentidos > verbo 2, social
SentidoBurn at the stake.
Implicaarder, incendiar, quemarse, quemarDestroy by fire
Generalajusticiar, ejecutarkill as a means of socially sanctioned punishment
Catalánabrusar-se, incendiar

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