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English > 4 senses of the word sailing:
NOUNactsailing, seafaring, navigationthe work of a sailor / sailor
actsailingriding in a sailboat
actsailingthe departure of a vessel from a port
actsailing, glide, gliding, sailplaning, soaringthe activity of flying a glider
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English > sailing: 4 senses > noun 1, act
MeaningThe work of a sailor / sailor.
Synonymsseafaring, navigation
Category ofJacob's ladder, jack ladder, pilot ladder(nautical) a hanging ladder of ropes or chains supporting wooden or metal rungs or steps
accommodation ladder(nautical) a portable ladder hung over the side of a vessel to give access to small boats alongside
aweigh, atrip(of an anchor) just clear of the bottom
beam-ends(nautical) at the ends of the transverse deck beams of a vessel
becket(nautical) a short line with an eye at one end and a knot at the other
bell, ship's bell(nautical) each of the eight half-hour units of nautical time signaled by strokes of a ship's bell
bilge well(nautical) a well where seepage drains to be pumped away
bitter end(nautical) the inboard end of a line or cable especially the end that is wound around a bitt
capsizing(nautical) the event of a boat accidentally turning over in the water
chipA triangular / triangular wooden float attached to the end of a log line
close-hauledHaving the sails trimmed for sailing as close to the wind as possible
close to the windnearly opposite to the direction from which wind is coming
deadeye(nautical) a round hardwood disk with holes and a grooved perimeter used to tighten a shroud
escutcheon(nautical) a plate on a ship's stern on which the name is inscribed
foresituated at or toward the bow of a vessel
fore-and-aftparallel with the keel of a boat or ship
lanyard, laniard(nautical) a line used for extending or fastening rigging on ships
lead line, sounding line(nautical) plumb line for determining depth
leg(nautical) the distance traveled by a sailing vessel on a single tack
luff(nautical) the forward edge of a fore-and-aft sail that is next to the mast
overhead(nautical) the top surface of an enclosed space on a ship
ratline, ratlin(nautical) a small horizontal rope between the shrouds of a sailing ship
riggedfitted or equipped with necessary rigging (sails and shrouds and stays etc)
rudder(nautical) steering mechanism consisting of a hinged vertical plate mounted at the stern of a vessel
sea ladder, sea steps(nautical) ladder to be lowered over a ship's side for coming aboard
sheet, tack, mainsheet, weather sheet, shroud(nautical) a line (rope or chain) that regulates the angle at which a sail is set in relation to the wind
spun yarn(nautical) small stuff consisting of a lightweight rope made of several rope yarns loosely wound together
stand outSteer away from shore, of ships
starboardTurn to the right, of helms or rudders
stay(nautical) brace consisting of a heavy rope or wire cable used as a support for a mast or spar
steerageway(nautical) the minimum rate of motion needed for a vessel to be maneuvered
sternpost(nautical) the principal upright timber at the stern of a vessel
stokehold, stokehole, fireroom(nautical) chamber or compartment in which the furnaces of a ship are stoked or fired
tack, tacking(nautical) the act of changing tack
towline, towrope, towing line, towing rope(nautical) a rope used in towing
unriggedstripped of rigging
Partssteering, steerageThe act of steering a ship
Narrowercabotagenavigation in coastal waters
Broaderemployment, workThe occupation for which you are paid
English > sailing: 4 senses > noun 2, act
Meaningriding in a sailboat.
Category ofspillReduce the pressure of wind on (a sail)
NarrowerbeatThe act of beating to windward
luffThe act of sailing close to the wind
tackSailing a zigzag course
Broaderwater travel, seafaringtravel by water
Spanishnavegación a vela, navegación
Verbssailtravel on water propelled by wind
English > sailing: 4 senses > noun 3, act
MeaningThe departure of a vessel from a port.
Broaderdeparture, going, going away, leavingThe act of departing
Spanishmarcha, partida, salida
Catalanmarxa, partença, partida, sortida
English > sailing: 4 senses > noun 4, act
MeaningThe activity of flying a glider.
Synonymsglide, gliding, sailplaning, soaring
Narrowerhang glidinggliding in a hang glider
parasailing, paraglidinggliding in a parasail
Broaderflight, flyingAn instance of traveling by air

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