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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra zangolotear:
VERBOmotionzangolotear, contonear, marear, menearse, menear, sacudirmove to and fro
contactzangolotear, apalear, batir a golpes, golpear, maltratar, zarandearstrike against forcefully
Español > zangolotear: 2 sentidos > verbo 1, motion
SentidoMove to and fro.
Sinónimoscontonear, marear, menearse, menear, sacudir
Específicocolear, contonear, menear, rabearMove from side to side
Generalagitar, batir, sacudirse, sacudir, temblarMove or cause to move back and forth
Inglésjiggle, joggle, wiggle
Catalánbellugar-se, moure, remenar, sacsar, sacsejar, sotraguejar
Nombrescontoneo, meneo, retorcimientoThe act of wiggling
gusano, lombrizterrestrial / terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil
larva de mosquito, larvalarva of a mosquito
squirmerOne who can't stay still (especially a child)
Español > zangolotear: 2 sentidos > verbo 2, contact
Sentidostrike against forcefully.
Sinónimosapalear, batir a golpes, golpear, maltratar, zarandear
Generalgolpear secamente, golpear, pegardeliver a sharp blow, as with the hand, fist, or weapon
Tambiénchocar, golpearknock against with force or violence
Inglésbuffet, knock about, batter
Cataláncopejar fort, copejar

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