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Català > 1 sentit de la paraula vociferació:
NOMcommunicationvociferació, aldarull, clam, clamor, crita loud utterance
Català > vociferació: 1 sentit > nom 1, communication
SentitA loud utterance; often in protest or opposition.
Sinònimsaldarull, clam, clamor, crit
Específicalarit, esgariputtering a loud inarticulate cry as of pain or excitement / excitement
alarit, crit fortA loud hooting cry of exultation or excitement / excitement
bagol, bram, bramul, holla, rugitA very loud utterance (like the sound of an animal)
clamor, cridadissa, cridòria, escridadissa, gatzaraLoud and persistent outcry from many people
crit de guerraA yell intended to rally a group of soldiers in battle
esbronc, xiuladaA cry expressing disapproval
esbroncadaA cry or noise made to express displeasure or contempt / contempt
esgarip, xisclesharp piercing cry
udolament, udolA loud raucous cry (as of an owl)
Generaldiscurs, emissió, enunciació, enunciat, expressió, pronunciacióThe use of uttered sounds for auditory communication
Anglèscry, outcry, call, yell, shout, vociferation
Espanyolalgarada, clamor, grito, protesta, tole, vociferación
Verbsbaladrejar, clamar, cridar, pregonar, vociferarUtter a sudden loud cry
baladrejar, clamar, vociferarutter in a loud voice
cridar, ganyolar, udolar, ulularUtter or declare in a very loud voice
exclamarUtter aloud

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