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Català > 4 sentits de la paraula atreviment:
NOMattributeatreviment, gosadiathe trait of being willing / willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger
attributeatreviment, ardidesa, audàciaaggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery
attributeatreviment, petulància, prepotènciaoffensive boldness and assertiveness
actatreviment, descarament, insolència, procacitatan offensive disrespectful impudent act
Català > atreviment: 4 sentits > nom 1, attribute
SentitThe trait of being willing / willing to undertake things that involve risk or danger.
Qualitatsatrevit, audaç, gosatfearless and daring
Específicaudàcia, temeritatfearless daring
barra, cinisme, desvergonyiment, penquesbehavior marked by a bold defiance of the proprieties and lack of shame
Generalbravesa, intrepidesaThe trait of feeling no fear
Contraritimidesafearfulness in venturing into new and unknown places or activities
Anglèsboldness, daring, hardiness, hardihood
Espanyolatrevimiento, audacia, osadía
Adjectiusatrevit, audaç, gosatfearless and daring
Verbsatrevir-se, gosarTo be courageous enough to try or do something
Català > atreviment: 4 sentits > nom 2, attribute
Sentitaggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery.
Sinònimsardidesa, audàcia
Específicpresumptuositataudacious (even arrogant) behavior that you have no right to
Generalbarra, cara, desvergonyiment, gosadia, nervi, sang freda, temeritatimpudent aggressiveness
Anglèsaudacity, audaciousness
Espanyolarrojo, atrevimiento, audacia
Adjectiusdescarat, insolentunrestrained by convention or propriety
Català > atreviment: 4 sentits > nom 3, attribute
Sentitoffensive boldness and assertiveness.
Sinònimspetulància, prepotència
Generalassertivitataggressive self-assurance
Anglèsbumptiousness, cockiness, pushiness, forwardness
Espanyolatrevimiento, chulería, desenvoltura, engreimiento, petulancia, prepotencia
Adjectiusagressiu, ambiciós, emprenedor, insistentmarked by aggressive ambition and energy and initiative
atrevit, descaratUsed of temperament or behavior
cregutoffensively self-assertive
cregut, fanfarró, fatxendaoverly self-confident or self-assertive
Català > atreviment: 4 sentits > nom 4, act
SentitAn offensive disrespectful impudent act.
Sinònimsdescarament, insolència, procacitat
Generalatemptat, descortesia, injúria, ofensaA lack of politeness
Espanyolatrevimiento, descaro, insolencia, procacidad
Adjectiusinsolentmarked by casual disrespect

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