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English > 2 senses of the word fearless:
ADJECTIVEallfearless, unafraidoblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them
allfearless, audacious, brave, dauntless, hardy, intrepid, unfearinginvulnerable to fear or intimidation
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English > fearless: 2 senses > adjective 1
Meaningoblivious of dangers or perils or calmly resolute in facing them.
Attribute offear, fearfulness, frightAn emotion experienced in anticipation of some specific pain or danger (usually accompanied by a desire to flee or fight)
Narrowerunapprehensivenot recognizing or slow to recognize danger
unblinking, unflinching, unintimidated, unshrinkingnot shrinking from danger / danger
unfrightenednot affected by fright
See alsoboldfearless and daring
brave, courageouspossessing or displaying courage
OppositeafraidFilled with fear or apprehension
Nounsfearlessnessfeeling no fear
Adverbsfearlesslywithout fear
English > fearless: 2 senses > adjective 2
Meaninginvulnerable to fear or intimidation.
Example "fearless reporters and photographers"
Synonymsaudacious, brave, dauntless, hardy, intrepid, unfearing
Broaderboldfearless and daring
Spanishatrevida, atrevido, audaz, bravo, impávida, impávido, impertérrita, impertérrito, imperturbable, intrépida, intrépido, valeroso, valiente
Catalanaudaç, coratjós, impàvid, intrèpid, valent, valerós
Nounsfearlessnessthe trait of feeling no fear
fearlessnessfeeling no fear

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