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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra percepción:
NOMBREcognitionpercepción, experiencia perceptivathe representation of what is perceived
cognitionpercepciónthe process of perceiving
actpercepción, sensaciónbecoming aware of something via the senses
cognitionpercepciónknowledge gained by perceiving
cognitionpercepción, concepción, percepciona way of conceiving something
Español > percepción: 5 sentidos > nombre 1, cognition
SentidoThe representation of what is perceived; basic component in the formation of a concept.
Sinónimoexperiencia perceptiva
Partesestructura, formaA perceptual structure
Específicopercepción visualA percept that arises from the eyes
Generalimagen mentalA presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image
Ingléspercept, perception, perceptual experience
Catalánexperiència perceptiva, percepció
Español > percepción: 5 sentidos > nombre 2, cognition
SentidoThe process of perceiving.
Específicoaestesis, estesis, experiencia sensorial, impresión, impresión sensorial, sensación, sense datumAn unelaborated elementary awareness of stimulation
averiguación, detección, identificaciónThe perception that something has occurred or some state exists
percepción del sonidoThe perception of sound as a meaningful phenomenon
percepción táctil, tactoThe sensation produced by pressure receptors in the skin
percepción visual, visiónperception by means of the eyes
sensación, sensacion somática, sensación somática, somestesiaThe perception of tactual or proprioceptive or gut sensations
Español > percepción: 5 sentidos > nombre 3, act
SentidoBecoming aware of something via the senses.
EspecíficoaudiciónThe act of hearing attentively
cata, degustaciónA kind of sensing
labiolecturaperceiving what a person is saying by observing the movements of the lips
mirada, vistazoThe act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually
olorThe act of perceiving the odor of something
Generalactividad sensorialActivity intended to achieve a particular sensory result
Ingléssensing, perception
Catalánpercepció, sensació
Adjetivoperceptiva, perceptivoOf or relating to the act of perceiving
perceptivoOf or relating to perception
Verbosapreciar, comprender, entender, percibir, sentir, verTo become aware of through the senses
sentirperceive by a physical sensation / sensation, e.g., coming from the skin or muscles
Español > percepción: 5 sentidos > nombre 4, cognition
Sentidoknowledge gained by perceiving.
EspecíficoconocimientoRange or scope of what is perceived
penetración, perspicaciaClear or deep perception of a situation
Generalcognición, conocimiento, noesis, saberThe psychological result of perception / perception and learning and reasoning
Español > percepción: 5 sentidos > nombre 5, cognition
SentidoA way of conceiving something.
Sinónimosconcepción, percepcion
Generalconceptualizacion, conceptualizaciónAn elaborated concept
Catalánconcepció, percepció

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