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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra instalar:
VERBOcontactinstalar, engastar, montarattach to a support
contactinstalarset up for use
contactinstalar, establecerplace
socialinstalar, ponerput into an office or a position
Español > instalar: 4 sentidos > verbo 1, contact
Sentidoattach to a support.
Sinónimosengastar, montar
Específicoremontarmount again, as after disassembling something
Generaladjuntar, unirCause to be attached
Español > instalar: 4 sentidos > verbo 2, contact
SentidoSet up for use.
Específicoapostar, colocar, fijar, oponer, situarPlace so as to be noticed
modernizarfit in or on an existing structure, such as an older house
reinstalarinstall again
Generalcolocar, dejar, depositar, poner, posar, posicionar, situar, ubicarPut into a certain place or abstract location
Inglésinstall, instal, put in, set up
NombresinstalaciónThe act of installing something (as equipment)
Español > instalar: 4 sentidos > verbo 3, contact
Inglésinstall, instal, set up, establish
Catalánestablir, instal·lar
Nombresinstalación, local, servicioA building or place that provides a particular service or is used for a particular industry
Español > instalar: 4 sentidos > verbo 4, social
Sentidoput into an office or a position.
Específicoinvertir, investirProvide with power and authority
investirplace ceremoniously or formally / formally in an office or position
Inglésinstall, instal
Cataláninstal·lar, posar
NombresiniciaciónA formal entry into an organization or position or office
instalaciónThe act of installing something (as equipment)

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