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Español > 2 sentidos de la palabra habitáculo:
NOMBREartifacthabitáculo, casa, domicilio, habitación, hogar, morada, piso, residencia, vasa, viviendahousing that someone is living in
locationhabitáculo, hábitatthe native habitat or home of an animal or plant
Español > habitáculo: 2 sentidos > nombre 1, artifact
Sentidohousing that someone is living in.
Sinónimoscasa, domicilio, habitación, hogar, morada, piso, residencia, vasa, vivienda
Partesalcoba, cámara, cuarto, dormitorio, habitación, recámaraA room used primarily for sleeping
baño, cuarto de baño, lavaboA room (as in a residence) containing a bathtub or shower and usually a washbasin and toilet
camarín, camerinoA room in which you can change clothes
cocinaA room equipped for preparing meals
comedorA room used for dining
cuarto de estar, locutorio, sala de estar, sala, salita, salónA room in a private house or establishment where people can sit and talk and relax
cuarto de juegoA recreation room in a private house
gabineteA room that is comfortable and secluded / secluded
EspecíficocasaA dwelling that serves as living quarters for one or more families
casa semiseparada, chalet adosado, dúplexA dwelling that is attached to something on only one side
comunidad de propietarios, condominioOne of the dwelling units in a condominium
ermita, hermitaThe abode of a hermit
hogarhome symbolized as a part of the fireplace
messuage, parcela(law) a dwelling house and its adjacent buildings and the adjacent land used by the household
palacio Anasazi, vivienda Anasazi, vivienda en acantiladoA rock and adobe dwelling built on sheltered ledges in the sides of a cliff
segunda residenciaA dwelling (a second home) where you live while you are on vacation
vivienda lacustredwelling built on piles in or near a lake
yurtaA circular domed dwelling that is portable and self-supporting
Generalcasa, vivienda, viviendasstructures collectively in which people are housed
Inglésdwelling, home, domicile, abode, habitation, dwelling house
Cataláncasa, domicili, estatge, habitacle, habitatge, llar, pis, residència, vivenda
AdjetivodomiciliarioOf or relating to or provided in a domicile
domésticoOf or relating to the home / home / home / home
Verboshabitar, morar, ocupar, poblar, residir, vivirInhabit or live in
Español > habitáculo: 2 sentidos > nombre 2, location
SentidoThe native habitat or home of an animal or plant.
EspecíficoaguileraAny habitation at a high altitude
cubil, encame, guarida, huronera, madriguera, manida, querenciaThe habitation of wild animals
Generalhabitación, habitat, hábitatThe type of environment in which an organism or group normally lives or occurs
Catalánhabitacle, hàbitat

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