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Español > 5 sentidos de la palabra aislar:
VERBOchangeaislarprotect from heat, cold, or noise by surrounding with insulating material
changeaislarplace or set apart
changeaislarobtain in pure form
changeaislar, mantener aislado, poner aparte, segregar, separarset apart from others
cognitionaislar, delimitarclassify or group
Español > aislar: 5 sentidos > verbo 1, change
Sentidoprotect from heat, cold, or noise by surrounding with insulating material.
Específicocolocar burlete, poner un burleteProvide with weatherstripping / weatherstripping
insonorizado, insonorizarinsulate against noise
Generalalterar, cambiar, modificar, mudar, retocar, transformar, variarCause to change
Catalánaïllar, isolar
Nombresaislador, aislante, dieléctrico, no conductorA material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity
aislamientoThe act of protecting something by surrounding it with material that reduces or prevents the transmission of sound or heat or electricity
aislante, material aislanteA material that reduces or prevents the transmission of heat or sound or electricity
Español > aislar: 5 sentidos > verbo 2, change
Sentidoplace or set apart.
EspecíficoaislarseLeave stranded on a desert island without resources / resources
enclaustrarseseclude from the world in or as if in a cloister
ghettizarput in a ghetto
poner en cuarentenaplace into enforced isolation / isolation, as for medical reasons
recluirse, retirarseKeep away from others
segregarseparate or isolate (one thing) from another and place in a group apart from others
Generaldiscriminartreat differently on the basis of sex / sex or race
Inglésisolate, insulate
Catalánaïllar-se, aïllar, isolar-se, isolar
Nombresaislamiento, incomunicaciónA state of separation between persons or groups
estrechez de miras, insularidad, insularismoThe state of being isolated / isolated or detached
Español > aislar: 5 sentidos > verbo 3, change
SentidoObtain in pure form.
CategoríaquímicaThe science of matter
Específicoaislar previamenteisolate beforehand
Generaladquirir, conseguir, lograr, obtener, sacar, tomarCome into the possession of something concrete or abstract
Español > aislar: 5 sentidos > verbo 4, change
Sentidoset apart from others.
Sinónimosmantener aislado, poner aparte, segregar, separar
Generaldividir, separarForce, take, or pull apart
Tambiénconservar, mantener, sostenerKeep in a certain state, position, or activity
Ingléssequester, sequestrate, keep apart, set apart, isolate
Catalánaïllar, isolar, separar
Español > aislar: 5 sentidos > verbo 5, cognition
Sentidoclassify or group.
Generalagruparse, agruparArrange into a group or groups

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