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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula errar:
VERBcognitionerrar, confondre's, equivocar-seto make a mistake or be incorrect
contacterrar, fallarfail to reach
socialerrarfail to catch, as of a ball
Català > errar: 3 sentits > verb 1, cognition
SentitTo make a mistake or be incorrect.
Sinònimsconfondre's, equivocar-se
Específicequivocar-se, jutjar malamentjudge / judge incorrectly
Anglèserr, mistake, slip
Espanyolconfundirse, entender mal, equivocarse, equivocar, errar, fallir, resbalar
Nomsdesencert, equivocació, equívoc, errada, errorPart of a statement that is not correct
equivocació, error, falla, faltaA wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention
equivocació, error, malentèsAn understanding of something that is not correct
error, espifiada, lapsusA minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech / speech / speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.
errorinadvertent incorrectness
Català > errar: 3 sentits > verb 2, contact
Sentitfail to reach.
Específicexcedir-se, ultrapassarShoot beyond or over (a target)
Contraricopejar, pegarhit against
Espanyolerrar, fallar
Català > errar: 3 sentits > verb 3, social
Sentitfail to catch, as of a ball.
Generalabandonar, descuidar, fallarfail to do something
Espanyolerrar, fallar

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