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Español > 4 sentidos de la palabra duplicar:
VERBOcreationduplicar, doblar, recalcar, reiterar, repetirmake or do or perform again
changeduplicar, doblar, duplicarse, multiplicarincrease / increase twofold
creationduplicarmake a duplicate or duplicates of
stativeduplicar, hacer un paralelo, hermanar, reflejarduplicate or match
Español > duplicar: 4 sentidos > verbo 1, creation
Sentidomake or do or perform again.
Sinónimosdoblar, recalcar, reiterar, repetir
Específicoreduplicarform by reduplication
Generalreproducirmake a copy or equivalent of
Inglésduplicate, reduplicate, double, repeat, replicate
Catalándoblar, duplicar-se, duplicar, recalcar, reiterar, repetir
Adjetivoinsistente, repetitivoRepetitive and persistent
Nombresdelincuente habitual, facineroso, habitual criminalsomeone who is repeatedly arrested for criminal behavior (especially for the same criminal behavior)
dobleA quantity that is twice as great as another
repeticiónThe act of doing or performing again
repetición, repetirAn event that repeats
replicación, réplica, reproducciónCopy that is not the original
Español > duplicar: 4 sentidos > verbo 2, change
Sentidoincrease / increase twofold.
Sinónimosdoblar, duplicarse, multiplicar
Específicogeminarse, geminararrange or combine in pairs
redoblardouble again
Generalmultiplicarse, multiplicarcombine or increase / increase by multiplication
Tambiénapostar, doblar la apuesta, doblarstake winnings from one bet on a subsequent wager
Inglésdouble, duplicate
Catalándoblar, duplicar-se, duplicar
NombresdobleA quantity that is twice as great as another
duplicaciónincrease / increase / increase by a factor of two
Español > duplicar: 4 sentidos > verbo 3, creation
Sentidomake a duplicate or duplicates of.
Generalreproducirmake a copy or equivalent of
Nombresautocopista, copiadora, copiador, multicopistaapparatus that makes copies of typed, written or drawn material
copia, duplicación, duplicadoA copy that corresponds to an original exactly
duplicación, duplicadoThe act of copying or making a duplicate (or duplicates) of something
extraSomething additional of the same kind
Español > duplicar: 4 sentidos > verbo 4, stative
Sentidoduplicate or match.
Sinónimoshacer un paralelo, hermanar, reflejar
Generalacordar, coincidir, convenir, corresponder, igualar, pactar, parecer, ser igual asatisfy a condition or restriction
Ingléstwin, duplicate, parallel
NombrescopiaA duplicate copy

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