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English > 3 senses of the word beautify:
VERBchangebeautify, fancify, embellish, prettifymake more beautiful
stativebeautify, deck, adorn, decorate, grace, embellishbe beautiful to look at
creationbeautify, decorate, adorn, grace, ornament, embellishmake more attractive by adding ornament, colour / colour, etc.
beautify > pronunciation
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English > beautify: 3 senses > verb 1, change
Meaningmake more beautiful.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something
Synonymsfancify, embellish, prettify
Narrowerbecome, suitenhance the appearance of
dress, groom, curryGive a neat appearance to
dress up, window-dressmake something appear superficially attractive
groom, neatencare for one's external appearance
polish, smooth, smoothen, shinemake (a surface) shine
spruce up, spruce, titivate, tittivate, smarten up, slick up, spiff upmake neat, smart, or trim
Broaderbetter, improve, amend, ameliorate, meliorateTo make better
Oppositeuglifymake ugly
Spanishadornar, decorar, embellecer, hermosear
Catalanadornar, decorar, embellir
Nounsbeautificationthe act of making something more beautiful
beautythe qualities that give pleasure to the senses
English > beautify: 3 senses > verb 2, stative
MeaningBe beautiful to look at.
PatternSomething ----s something
Synonymsdeck, adorn, decorate, grace, embellish
NarrowerornamentBe an ornament to
BroaderbeHave the quality of being
Spanishadornar, decorar, ornamentar, ornar
Catalanadornar, decorar
Nounsbeautificationthe act of making something more beautiful
beautythe qualities that give pleasure to the senses
English > beautify: 3 senses > verb 3, creation
Meaningmake more attractive by adding ornament, colour / colour, etc..
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something
ModelThey beautify the halls with holly
Example "beautify yourself for the special day"
Synonymsdecorate, adorn, grace, ornament, embellish
Narrowerappliquesew on as a decoration
beaddecorate by sewing beads onto
bedizendecorate tastelessly
bejewel, jeweladorn or decorate with precious stones
braiddecorate with braids or ribbons
caparison, bard, barde, dress upput a caparison on
color, colour, emblazondecorate with colors
deck, bedight, bedeckdecorate
dress shipdecorate a ship with flags / flags
emblazon, blazondecorate with heraldic arms
embroider, broiderdecorate with needlework
enamelcoat, inlay, or surface with enamel
encrust, incrust, besetdecorate or cover lavishly (as with gems / gems)
festoondecorate with strings of flowers
fillet, filetdecorate with a lace of geometric designs
flagdecorate with flags
fledge, flightdecorate with feathers
foliatedecorate with leaves
fretdecorate with an interlaced design
fringeadorn with a fringe
garlandadorn with bands of flowers or leaves
gild, begild, engilddecorate with, or as if with, gold leaf or liquid gold
gild the lily, paint the lilyadorn unnecessarily (something that is already beautiful)
hangdecorate or furnish with something suspended
illuminateadd embellishments and paintings to (medieval manuscripts)
illustrateSupply with illustrations
inlaydecorate the surface of by inserting wood, stone / stone / stone, and metal
lacquercoat with lacquer
landscapeembellish with plants
paneldecorate with panels
pipetrim with piping
prankDress or decorate showily or gaudily
redecorateredo the decoration of an apartment or house
scallopdecorate an edge with scallops
smockembellish by sewing in straight lines crossing each other diagonally
spangle, bespangledecorate with spangles
stickCover and decorate with objects that pierce the surface
stuccodecorate with stucco work
tart updecorate in a cheap and flashy way
tinseladorn with tinsel
trim, garnish, dressdecorate (food) , as with parsley or other ornamental foods
trimdecorate, as with ornaments
vermiculatedecorate with wavy or winding lines
wreathedecorate or deck with wreaths
Broaderchange, alter, modifyCause to change
Similar toornamentBe an ornament to
Spanishadornar, aliñar, decorar, embellecer, ornamentar, ornar
Catalanabillar, adornar, decorar, embellir, ornar
Nounsbeautificationthe act of making something more beautiful
beautythe qualities that give pleasure to the senses

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