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Català > 5 sentits de la paraula pràctica:
NOMactpràctica, costum, hàbita customary way / way of operation or behavior
actpràctica, exercicisystematic training by multiple repetitions
actpràcticathe exercise of a profession
actpràcticatranslating an idea into action
cognitionpràcticaknowledge of how something is usually done
Català > pràctica: 5 sentits > nom 1, act
SentitA customary way / way of operation or behavior.
Sinònimscostum, hàbit
Específicantropofàgia, canibalismeThe practice of eating the flesh of your own kind
biologismeUse of biological principles in explaining human especially social behavior
cooperacióThe practice of cooperating
costum, usatge, úsaccepted or habitual practice
costum, hàbithabitual mode of behavior
esclavitudThe practice of owning slaves
formalismeThe practice of scrupulous adherence to prescribed or external forms
llei no escritalaw based on customary behavior
maltractamentThe practice of treating (someone or something) badly
modernismepractices typical of contemporary life or thought
nudisme, nudismoGoing without clothes as a social practice
ritualThe prescribed procedure for conducting religious ceremonies
simbolismeThe practice of investing things with symbolic meaning / meaning
transvestisme, travestismeThe practice of adopting the clothes or the manner or the sexual role of the opposite sex
GeneralactivitatAny specific behavior
Anglèspractice, pattern
Espanyolcostumbre, hábito, práctica
Adjectiuspràcticconcerned with actual use or practice
Verbsaplicar, practicaravail oneself to
Català > pràctica: 5 sentits > nom 2, act
SentitSystematic training by multiple repetitions.
EspecíficassaigA practice session in preparation for a public performance (as of a play or speech or concert)
pràctica de tirpractice in shooting at targets
simulacre d'incendiAn exercise intended to train people in duties and escape procedures to be followed in case of fire
Generalformació, preparacióActivity leading to skilled behavior
Anglèsexercise, practice, drill, practice session, recitation
Espanyolejercicio, entrenamiento, práctica
Verbsassajar, practicarEngage in a rehearsal (of)
exercitar, practicarLearn by repetition
Català > pràctica: 5 sentits > nom 3, act
SentitThe exercise of a profession.
Específicassessorament, assessoria, consultoriaThe practice of giving expert advice within a particular field
exercici del dretThe practice of law
optometriaThe practice of an optometrist
Generalús, utilitzacióThe act of using
Verbsaplicar, practicaravail oneself to
dur a cap, dur a terme, entrenar, exercir, practicarcarry out or practice
Català > pràctica: 5 sentits > nom 4, act
Sentittranslating an idea into action.
Generalexecució, implementacióThe act of implementing (providing a practical means for accomplishing something)
Anglèspractice, praxis
Espanyolpráctica, praxis
Català > pràctica: 5 sentits > nom 5, cognition
Sentitknowledge of how something is usually done.
Específicconvenció, fórmula, normal, norma, pauta, reglaSomething regarded as a normative example
costum, tradicióA specific practice of long standing
Generalcognició, coneixement, coneixements, noesi, noesis, saberThe psychological result of perception / perception and learning and reasoning

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