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Català > 3 sentits de la paraula malignitat:
NOMstatemalignitat(medicine) a malignant state
feelingmalignitat, despit, insídia, maldat, malíciafeeling a need to see others suffer
feelingmalignitat, malvolençawishing evil to others
Català > malignitat: 3 sentits > nom 1, state
Sentit(medicine) a malignant state; progressive and resistant to treatment and tending to cause death.
Categoriaespecialitat mèdica, medicinaThe branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
Específictumor cancerós, tumor maligneA tumor that is malignant and tends to spread to other parts of the body
Generalafecció, malaltia, morbositat, patologiaAn impairment of health or a condition of abnormal functioning
Anglèsmalignancy, malignance
Adjectiusmalignedangerous to health
Català > malignitat: 3 sentits > nom 2, feeling
SentitFeeling a need to see others suffer.
Sinònimsdespit, insídia, maldat, malícia
Generalmalignitat, malvolençawishing evil to others
Anglèsmalice, maliciousness, spite, spitefulness, venom
Espanyoldespecho, insidia, malicia
AdjectiusmaliciósHaving the nature of or resulting from malice
malintencionat, perniciósmarked by deep ill ... / ill will
malèvol, maliciós, maligne, rancuniósshowing malicious ill ... / ill will and a desire to hurt
Verbsdanyar, ferir, fer mal, insultar, lesionar, nafrar, ofendrehurt the feelings of
Català > malignitat: 3 sentits > nom 3, feeling
Sentitwishing evil to others.
Específicdespit, insídia, maldat, malícia, malignitatFeeling a need to see others suffer
maleficènciaDoing or causing evil
Generalaversió, odiThe emotion of intense dislike
ContraribenevolènciaDisposition to do good
Anglèsmalevolence, malignity
Espanyolmalevolencia, malignidad
Adjectiusmalèvol, malicióswishing or appearing to wish evil to others

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