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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula dilatar-se:
VERBchangedilatar-se, inflar-seexpand abnormally
changedilatar-se, ampliar-se, ampliar, dilatar, eixamplar-se, eixamplar, estendrebecome broader or wider or more extensive
Català > dilatar-se: 2 sentits > verb 1, change
SentitExpand abnormally.
Causat perbotir, inflarCause to become swollen
Específicembutllofar-seGet blistered
inflarBecome bloated or swollen or puff up
inflar-se, inflarTo swell or cause to enlarge, "Her faced puffed up from the drugs"
Generalampliar, expandirBecome larger / larger in size or volume or quantity
Anglèsswell, swell up, intumesce, tumefy, tumesce
Espanyolagrandarse, dilatarse, expandirse, hincharse, inflamarse, inflarse
Adjectiusdistès, inflat, tumescent, túmidabnormally distended especially by fluids or gas
Nomsbony, fava, inflorAn abnormal protuberance or localized enlargement
intumescènciaswelling up with blood or other fluids (as with congestion)
tumefacció, tumoracióThe process of tumefying
Català > dilatar-se: 2 sentits > verb 2, change
SentitBecome broader or wider or more extensive.
Sinònimsampliar-se, ampliar, dilatar, eixamplar-se, eixamplar, estendre
Causat perampliar-se, ampliar, eixamplar-se, eixamplarmake wider
Específicacampanar, brillar, fulgurarBecome flared and widen, usually at one end
dilatar, distendreBecome wider
Generalaugmentar, elevar, incrementarBecome bigger or greater in amount
Contrariestrènyer, estretirmake or become more narrow or restricted
Espanyolampliar, ensanchar, extenderse
NomseixamplamentAn increase / increase / increase in width

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