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Català > 1 sentit de l'expressió beguda forta:
NOMfoodbeguda forta, aiguardent, alcohol, esperit de vi, licoran alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented
Català > beguda forta: 1 sentit > nom 1, food
SentitAn alcoholic beverage that is distilled rather than fermented.
Sinònimsaiguardent, alcohol, esperit de vi, licor
Específicaigua de focAny strong spirits (such as strong whisky or rum)
aiguardentAny of various strong liquors especially a Dutch spirit distilled from potatoes
aiguardentStrong distilled liquor or brandy
aiguardent de palma, arakAny of various strong liquors distilled from the fermented sap of toddy palms or from fermented molasses
akvavit, aquavitScandinavian liquor usually flavored with caraway seeds
brandi, brandy, conyacdistilled from wine or fermented fruit juice
bíter, bitteralcoholic liquor flavored with bitter herbs and roots
ginebra, ginStrong liquor flavored with juniper berries
mescalA colorless Mexican liquor distilled from fermented juices of certain desert plants of the genus Agavaceae (especially the century plant)
ouzoA Greek liquor flavored with anise
romliquor distilled from fermented molasses
tequilaMexican liquor made from fermented juices of an agave plant
vodkaunaged colorless liquor originating in Russia
whiskey, whiskyA liquor made from fermented mash of grain
Generalalcohol, beguda alcohòlica, intoxicantA liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent
Anglèsliquor, spirits, booze, hard drink, hard liquor, John Barleycorn, strong drink
Espanyolaguardiente, alcohol, bebida fuerte, licor, trago
Adjectiusbegut, borratxo, ebri, embriacgiven to or marked by the consumption of alcohol
Verbsbeure, prendreconsume alcohol

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