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English > 4 senses of the expression fill up:
VERBchangefill up, fill, make fullmake full, also in a metaphorical sense
changefill up, fillbecome full
contactfill up, closefill or stop up
consumptionfill up, filleat until one is sated
English > fill up: 4 senses > verb 1, change
Meaningmake full, also in a metaphorical sense.
PatternSomebody ----s something; Something ----s something; Somebody ----s something with something
ModelThey fill up the cart with boxes
Synonymsfill, make full
Cause tofill, fill upBecome full
Narrowerbrimfill as much as possible
clog, overloadFill to excess so that function is impaired
clutter, clutter upfill a space in a disorderly way
completeBring to a whole, with all the necessary parts or elements
deluge, flood, inundate, swampFill quickly beyond capacity
electrifyCharge (a conductor) with electricity
farce, stuffFill with a stuffing while cooking
heapFill to overflow
impregnate, saturateinfuse or fill completely
impregnate, infuse, instill, tinctureFill, as with a certain quality
inkFill with ink
lineFill plentifully
load, lade, laden, load upFill or place a load on
load, chargeProvide (a device) with something necessary
lubricate, lubeapply a lubricant to
overfillFill beyond capacity
packFill to capacity
pad, bolsteradd padding to
populateFill with inhabitants
primeFill with priming liquid / liquid
replenish, refill, fill againFill something that had previously been emptied
stuffFill tightly with a material
surchargeFill to an excessive degree
top offfill to the point of almost overflowing
Broaderchange, alter, modifyCause to change
Oppositeemptymake void or empty of contents
Spanishcopar, llenar
Catalancopar, emplenar, omplir
English > fill up: 4 senses > verb 2, change
MeaningBecome full.
PatternSomething ----s
Caused byfill, fill up, make fullmake full, also in a metaphorical sense
NarrowerfloodBecome filled to overflowing
rack upSupply a rack with feed for (horses or other animals)
waterFill with tears
Broaderchange state, turnUndergo a transformation or a change of position or action
Oppositeempty, dischargeBecome empty or void of its content
Spanishcopar, llenar
Catalancopar, omplir
English > fill up: 4 senses > verb 3, contact
MeaningFill or stop up.
PatternSomebody ----s something
Narrowercoapt, conglutinateCause to adhere
plug, stop up, secureFill or close tightly with or as if with a plug
sealClose with or as if with a seal
Broaderfillplug with a substance
English > fill up: 4 senses > verb 4, consumption
MeaningEat until one is sated.
PatternSomebody ----s PP
Broadereattake in solid food
Spanishatiborrarse, embutirse, hartarse

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