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Català > 4 sentits de la paraula titular:
NOMcommunicationtitular, capçalerathe heading or caption of a newspaper article
person titular, encarregatthe official who holds an office
person titular, professor titulara professor of the highest rank
VERBcommunicationtitular, autoritzargive a title / title to
Català > titular: 4 sentits > nom 1, communication
SentitThe heading or caption of a newspaper article.
Part dediari, paperA daily or weekly publication on folded sheets
GeneralencapçalamentA line of text serving to indicate what the passage below it is about
Anglèsheadline, newspaper headline
Espanyolcabecera, titular
Català > titular: 4 sentits > nom 2, person
SentitThe official who holds an office.
Específictitular encarregatThe person who holds an office
GeneralfuncionariA worker who holds or is invested with an office
posseïdorA person who holds something
Anglèsincumbent, officeholder
Espanyolencargado, funcionario, titular
Català > titular: 4 sentits > nom 3, person
SentitA professor of the highest rank.
Sinònimprofessor titular
Generalcatedràtic, professora, professorsomeone who is a member of the faculty at a college or university
Anglèsfull professor
Espanyolprofesor titular, titular
Català > titular: 4 sentits > verb 1, communication
SentitGive a title / title to.
Específicproclamardeclare formally
Generalanomenar, denominar, dir, posar nomAssign a specified (usually proper) proper name to
Anglèsentitle, title
Espanyolautorizar, facultar, titular
NomstitularitatAn established or recognized right
títolThe name of a work of art or literary composition etc.

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