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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula tastar:
VERBconsumptiontastar, degustar, gustar, provartake a sample of
perceptiontastar, degustardistinguish flavors
Català > tastar: 2 sentits > verb 1, consumption
SentitTake a sample of.
Sinònimsdegustar, gustar, provar
Generalconsumir, ingerir, prendreServe oneself to, or consume regularly
Anglèssample, try, try out, taste
Espanyolcatar, degustar, gustar, paladear, probar
Nomsassaig, experimentació, experiment, prova, provatura, test, verificaciótrying something to find out about it
degustacióTaking a small amount into the mouth to test its quality
degustacióA small amount (especially of food or wine)
degustador, tastadorsomeone who samples food or drink for its quality
mostraA small part of something intended as representative of the whole / whole
Català > tastar: 2 sentits > verb 2, perception
Sentitdistinguish flavors.
Implicadegustarperceive by the sense of taste
GeneralidentificarConsider to be equal or the same
Espanyolcatar, degustar, probar
Nomsdegustació, tastA kind of sensing
degustador, tastadorsomeone who samples food or drink for its quality
gust, percepció gustativa, saborThe sensation that results when taste buds in the tongue and throat convey information about the chemical composition of a soluble stimulus
gustThe faculty of distinguishing sweet, sour, bitter, and salty properties in the mouth

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