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Català > 2 sentits de la paraula inadequació:
NOMattributeinadequació, inaptitut, inconveniència, inèpcia, ineptitudthe quality of having the wrong properties for a specific purpose
attributeinadequacióunsatisfactoriness by virtue of being inadequate / inadequate
Català > inadequació: 2 sentits > nom 1, attribute
SentitThe quality of having the wrong properties for a specific purpose.
Sinònimsinaptitut, inconveniència, inèpcia, ineptitud
Específiccontratemps, incomoditat, inconveniència, inconvenientThe quality of not being useful or convenient
impropietatThe quality of being not particularly suitable or befitting
inèpcia, ineptitudThe quality of not being suitable
GeneralqualitatAn essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone
Contrariadaptació, conveniència, idoneïtat, propietatThe quality of having the properties that are right for a specific purpose
Anglèsunsuitability, unsuitableness, ineptness
Espanyolinadecuación, inaptitud, inconveniencia, inepcia, ineptitud
Adjectiusinaplicablenot capable of being applied
incapaç, ineficaç, inepte, inútil, vagenerally incompetent and ineffectual
Català > inadequació: 2 sentits > nom 2, attribute
Sentitunsatisfactoriness by virtue of being inadequate / inadequate.
GeneralinsatisfaccióThe quality of being inadequate / inadequate or unsuitable
ContrariadequacióThe quality of being able to meet a need satisfactorily
Anglèsinadequacy, inadequateness
Adjectiusbaix, escàs, exigu, insuficientnot sufficient to meet / meet a need
inadequatLacking the requisite qualities or resources to meet a task

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